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Inaugural Lecture by Professor MSO Kim Sundtoft Hald

CBS Maritime: International Research Partnership Receives Canadian Federal Grant to Improve Sustainability in the Maritime Supply Chain
The Blue INNOship project completes successfully. The partnership has led to verified decrease in emissions from the participating shipowners and the development of technologies and designs that improve, optimize or change the way we do things in the maritime industry.
Skaber Corona-krisen behov for ny risikovurdering og ny strategi i virksomhedens Supply Chain?

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Academic profile and strategy

The Department of Operations Management (OM) studies economy-related problems in the company from an organisational perspective with an outset in adjustment and development problems within and increasingly between four academic fields which specify the company’s economy-related problems. Both individually and together, the academic fields focus on how relevant management technologies, mechanisms and concepts affect the company’s decisions. The department’s research projects typically draw on these fields. The department’s strategy (ambition) is to develop ideas which concentrate on dynamic relations, and thereby on the effects or consequences decisions can have. The department wishes to develop theory (explanations, ideas) which illustrates how companies apply management technology to come up with and adopt new processes and activities. The department also focuses on how management technologies can create and maintain financial and strategic coordination.

Performance Management

Performance Management takes outset in budgeting and result measurement; it discusses development and application of numbers in planning, coordination, motivation (incentives) and symbolic together with political purposes; it is concerned about information systems and design of coherent planning and reporting systems; and finally, it is concerned about the choice of calculation mechanisms to make a company’s economy transparent.

Supply Chain Management (logistics)

Supply Chain Management (logistics) concerns flows of commodity and information between companies; it is concerned about the different roles companies can have in a supply chain; it discusses division of labour between companies and studies how management of an entire supply chain can take form; finally, it is interested in developing activities as a part of supply chain relations.

Innovation Management

Innovation Management focuses on the development of new products and processes which often runs across companies; it is especially interested in management-related activities needed to facilitate progress; and not least, it asks the question about what management-related mechanisms and technologies are relevant and how these function in practice.

Operations Management (production management in manufacturing and service companies)

Operations Management (production management in manufacturing and service companies) concerns the company’s organisation of its production including Just in Time, Lean, Agility, MRP and other production principles; it is especially concerned about production conditions in networks and the connection between production conditions and supply chain activities; and not least, it raises the question about how production strategy and condition relate to company strategy.


About the department

Employees and the physical setting

The department has approximately 60 employees divided into academic employees and a smaller group of administrative employees. Moreover, the department has around 100 external lecturers and an alternating number of guest researchers who are involved in teaching and research activities. The physical location of the department is at Solbjerg Plads 3, 4th and 5th floor in the B-wing, 2000 Frederiksberg.

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