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A print copy of the most recent issue of The Economist has always been available from CBS Library, but from now on it will much easier to stay abreast of world events as we have decided to take a subscription for the world-renowned magazine. If you are on campus simply go to, off-campus users need to sign in via the databases section on the library website.


Forsider fra The Economist

CBS Library has decided to take a subscription for the online version of The Economist which means that you can now access the print version online, including all local and regional editions from around the globe.

In the “Print Edition” section on the magazine website, you will find the current issue as well as historical and regional editions. The historical archive comprises contents from 1997 and allows you to browse covers and read articles from the Clinton, Yeltsin, and Blair era.

From the website, you can also access Special Reports, Briefings, Latest Updates, Regional Editorials, as well as Technology Quarterly, all of which are available from the "Topic" menu that also allows for topical and geographical browsing.

If you are looking for even older articles, check out The Economist Historical Archive which covers the period 1843-2014.


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