Regulations and fees

Check out CBS Library regulations and late returns fees.

Late return fees

1 - 7 days after due date 5 DKK per item
8 - 30 days after due date 25 DKK  per item
31 - 34 days after due date 50 DKK per item
More than 34 days after due date An invoice is issued covering an administrative fee of DKK 150 + replacement costs

For special rules and fees about lockers – see regulations §17

Debt recovery via the Central Tax Administration/The Unit for Recovery of Claims

Un-returned items
If an overdue item remains un-returned after an invoice has been issued, CBS Library will send two notification to the cardholder before submitting the claim for debt recovery to the Central Tax Administration/the Unit for Recovery of Claims (SKAT/Inddrivelsescentret).
Once the claim has been submitted, CBS Library will add an extra DKK 65 to the total amount to cover administrative costs.
The Central Tax Administration/the Unit for Recovery of Claims will add their surcharges to the total amount due. Once the claim has been submitted to the Central Tax Administration/the Unit for Recovery of Claims, payment, as well as all communications, will be handled by them.

Unpaid fees
Unpaid fees claims will also be submitted to the Central Tax Administration/the Unit for Recovery of Claims after two notifications. A surcharge of DKK 65 will be added to the total amount to cover administrative costs.
Once the claim has been submitted to the Central Tax Administration/the Unit for Recovery of Claims, payment, as well as all communications, will be handled by them.


§1 As an institutional library of the Copenhagen Business School the main obligation of CBS Library is to provide services to staff and students of said institution. CBS Library and her collections are open to the public but from 18:00 until 7:30 (6:00 pm-7:30 am) CBS Library is merely a reading room library open for CBS students and staff only.

§2 Any person over the age of 18 and with a permanent address in Denmark may open an account by producing a valid picture ID containing civil registration number. In cases where this is not possible, CBS Library may ask for security for loans or may decide to issue a temporary library card.  Accounts for CBS students and staff will be created automatically upon acceptance / appointment to the institution. Accounts need to be activated by a member of staff who will also provide a PIN.

§3 A record is created for all patrons and a library card issued. National medical cards and CBS student ID cards are also accepted. When signing up for an account, patrons at the same time accept the rules and regulations in force at any time. Any account not used for two years will be terminated and the patron deleted from the CBS Library register unless he/she has outstanding accounts.

§4 The library card is personal and the holder is responsible for any borrowed item associated with his/her card and for ensuring that the item is returned intact. Checked items must be returned in the library system no later than due date within the opening hours. Failure to do so will trigger a late-return fee following CBS Library regulations. See opening hours CBS Library Solbjerg Plads.

§5 - Digital resources
The majority of CBS Library databases and e-journals are available to CBS students and staff both on- and off-campus.

     Regulations governing the use of CBS Library digital resources:

  • The password is strictly personal and may only be used in the context of CBS study and/or research activities as well as for private, non-commercial purposes
  • Commercial use of data, systematic download of large quantities of data (including entire books or journals), as well as storage of data is strictly prohibited
  • Sharing user IDs and passwords with other people and use of digital resources as part of a job at another workplace is also prohibited
  • The intellectual property rights of individual library items must be respected
  • If abuse (cf. above) is detected by CBS IT, CBS Library or data provider, access will be cancelled and the user summoned for a meeting
  • All traffic pertaining to the use of CBS Library digital resources is logged by the data provider as well as CBS. This for operational purposes and to avoid misuse of resources through hacking of passwords etc.

     Use and sharing of CBS Library digital resources:

  • You may download (if possible) and print (if possible) a full-text copy of any library e-material, but only for personal consumption
  • You may link to an item but never share the full-text document via e-mail, Facebook, ResearchGate, Twitter etc. or save a copy on a shared drive (including a CBS drive, LEARN or a cloud solution such as Dropbox). This ban applies in all instances, including sharing with/distributing to other CBS students and colleagues, as well as people not affiliated with CBS
  • Full-text files retrieved through a CBS license may not be included as an appendix in any type of report or paper. Contents may only be used for study, research and private, non-commercial purposes at CBS
  • Text and data mining is not permitted. Contact CBS Library to explore possible solutions
  • Remote access to library databases and electronic journals for the purpose of research and teaching is reserved for CBS faculty, staff, and students. Logins and passwords are strictly personal and may not be disclosed. Violations of these conditions will be reported to the University Director.

§6 CBS Library must be notified of any changes in address, e-mail or telephone via self-service or by contacting the Circulations Department at Reservation notices and loan notifications will only be sent to a registered e-mail account or mobile phone number. No attempt will be made to redirect information to a postal address should these channels fail. Reminders and notifications of account closure will only be sent to a registered e-mail account or mobile phone number. No attempt will be made to redirect information to a postal address should these channels fail. Invoices will be sent to e-boks or by regular mail to a registered postal address.

§7 CBS Library must be notified of the loss of a library card (including national medical card and CBS student ID card). Patrons are liable for any loans until the time of such notification.

§8 CBS Library cannot be held responsible for a patron´s use of library equipment or any photocopying or scanning. Any use of lockers, in study areas and elsewhere, is at the user´s own risk.

§9 The standard loan period for books is 28 days. In case of reservations by other patrons at the time of checking out, the loan period is reduced to 14 days. The standard loan period for journals and AV items is 14 days. Details of the loan period will always be available from the receipt issued. This receipt also serves as a first recall notice. Items from the Reference, Course and other special collections are for on-site use only and may not be checked.

§10 Items may be renewed online for a maximum of three months provided they are not requested by other patrons. Special rules apply to selected groups of library patrons.

§11 Late returns will be fined according to the number of days the item has exceeded the due date. The cadence is not affected by library closing days. Non-receipt of notifications and recalls does not exempt the cardholder from payment of fees. For details on fines, please see the top of this page.

§12 A status of outstanding debts is available from the list of loans. A receipt issued upon returning a library item is valid proof of return.

§13 If a patron fails to return an item within 35 days after the due date, CBS Library will issue an invoice covering an administration fee as well as replacement costs. The administration fee and all fines are payable regardless of whether the item has been returned or the invoice received.

§14 In the event that a checked item is lost, damaged or simply not returned, the cardholder is liable for the total costs of replacement or repair.

§15 Patrons are excluded from borrowing items if an amount of DKK 200 or more is owed. The ban will be lifted when the debt is settled in its entirety. Users may also be banned if checked items are repeatedly returned late or damaged.

§16 Outstanding accounts will be turned over for debt collection to the Central Tax Administration/ Unit for Recovery of Claims.

§17 Lockers are made available to CBS Library patrons - primarily for the safekeeping of library materials and personal belongings. Please note, that items taken from the Reference and Course Collections as well as items not formally checked from CBS Library may not be kept in the lockers. In cases of non-compliance, the locker will be emptied of its contents and personal items can be claimed from Campus Desk. Repeated non-compliance may lead to exclusion (cf. §22). Non-collected items will be turned over to the Lost property office twice a month. CBS Library reserves the right to examine locker contents if and when needed.

Section 1: Lockers - 4-week loans – CBS students only: A key is issued for 28 days. If the key has not been formally returned 35 days after the expiration of the loan period, the locker will be emptied by CBS Library staff and an invoice of DKK 100 will be issued to cover the costs of replacing the lock in addition to a fee of another DKK 150 to cover administrative costs.

Section 2: "Short-term use" lockers – all patrons. The lockers are fitted with combination locks and will be emptied every morning between 7:00 and 7:30.

Section 3: Study seat lockers must be emptied after the study seat is vacated.

§18 The CBS Library interlibrary lending service is reserved for CBS students, faculty, and staff only. Items originating from other libraries may be subject to the loan regulations of the lending library. Renewal requests are to be directed by e-mail to the inter-library loans department at before the loan expires.   

§19 Fees may be charged for certain special library services.

§20 Food and alcoholic drinks may not be consumed on library premises. Exempted are biscuits, fruits, and sweets. The use of mobile (cellular) phones is restricted to designated areas within CBS Library. As elsewhere on campus, smoking is prohibited in the library. Instead, smokers are asked to use the designated outdoor smoking areas.

§21 Conversation is not allowed in individual study seat areas. Group work is only permitted in group study rooms and at group tables in the basement.

§22 Library users may be expelled from CBS Library for failing to comply with library regulations, respect staff instructions or observe peace and order. Repeated violations of library regulations or misconduct may lead to a permanent ban.

§23 Group study rooms and individual study seats may be booked by CBS students only. For more information please visit  Vacant seats may be filled by anybody. The seat must be vacated, however, if a CBS student can produce a valid booking. All ground floor and lower ground floor seats are exempt from booking and may be used by all library users.

§24 From 18:00, when CBS Library transitions to being a reading room, use of the facilities is restricted to CBS students and staff. Valid student ID/access card is to be produced upon request by security staff.

§25 CBS Library users have access to Hublets (tablets). The Hublets are available in two-hour slots for on-site use only. If a Hublet is found to be damaged upon return or if a user fails to return it altogether, the person with whom the loan is registered is liable for payment of all costs accrued in connection with re-acquisition or repairs. 

CBS Library regulations and late returns fine structure are based on the following national regulations.

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