New patron


Students at CBS are automatically registered in the library system and can log in using CBS username and password.

To check out items from the self-service terminals, however, you need a PIN. To create a PIN, simply click "Update PIN and Login Credentials" once you have logged in to Libsearch.


See procedure at CBSshare.


As a registered CBS alumnus, you can sign up as a CBS Library patron and enjoy special alumnus perks. All you need to do is send an e-mail to
If you are not yet registered as a an alumnus, please contact the Alumnus office.


  1. Log in to Libsearch using MitID
  2. Important! After logging in, go to your account "Library Card" -> Personal Details -> Edit Details and add your address, e-mail and phone number. Otherwise, we cannot send reminders and reservation notices to you.
  3. You need a PIN to check out items from the self-service terminals. To create a PIN, simply click "Update PIN and Login Credentials".

If you do not have MitID, please contact and include picture ID such as passport or drivers license.

When signing up as a patron, you automatically accept CBS Library regulations

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