• 21.09.2018

    Industry collection for BSc programmes

    Several BSc programmes will delve into selected industries and companies this semester. In that connection, CBS Library has identified a large number of relevant books on the subjects and grouped them together in a dedicated industry collection.
  • 19.09.2018

    Are you wasting time on your phone?

    BrowZine is a great new service that allows you to discover, read, and follow top scholarly journals, in a fast and easy way. Download the BrowZine app, and you will never run out of great stuff to read.
  • 07.09.2018

    Elections in Sweden

    The Swedes are voting this Sunday but how well do you know our neighbours? Find out where to search for information about Sweden and the Swedes.
  • 22.08.2018

    Sign up for courses at CBS Library

    Learn how to structure your searches and manage your literature and sources. The calendar is filled with study-relevant courses for CBS students. Find the courses in the CBS Library Calendar.
  • 16.08.2018

    Pride parade

    We wish you all a great parade. If you feel like reading about different aspects of LGBTQ CBS Library has many resources on various LGBTQ topics.
  • 16.08.2018

    New to CBS?

    We have compiled some of the most important things you should know about CBS Library.
  • 31.07.2018

    Open 24/7

    Calm and quiet surroundings – you can study all night at CBS Library. Read about how to get access outside office hours.
  • 20.07.2018

    My summer readings 2

    Check out CBS Library staff recommendations for a good summer read and find out what they plan to read during their summer vacation.