24/7 Solbjerg Plads

CBS Library Solbjerg Plads is open 24/7 for CBS students and staff.

Questions and answers

Below you will find answers to some of the questions that may arise during unstaffed periods.
If you do not find an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us by phone +45 38154242 or by e-mail: library@cbs.dk.

Whom to contact in case of problems?

  • In cases of offensive or annoying behaviour from other users, please contact CBS Campus Services on +45 38152700
  • For issues about lockers, lamps, toilets, etc., please contact CBS Campus Services on +45 38152700
  • For IT, print, and photocopy problems, please contact the CBS IT support at the Information Desk in the main lobby or on +45 38153575.

Who can use the unstaffed library?
CBS Library is open to all between 7:30-18:00 - all week. At 18:00 the library is a reading room for CBS students only. Thus, it is not allowed for external users to use the library.

Night entrance
When CBS buildings close you have to use the Night entrance to enter and exit. It is open 23-7 on weekdays and 22-7 on weekends and holidays. The Night entrance is located opposite the main entrance. 
24/7 access is available to CBS students only and only with an updated student ID card. Stop by the Campus Desk to activate your card. If you are already using your ID Card to gain after-hours access to the reading rooms at Graduate House, you do not have to do anything.

Video surveillance
To avoid theft and vandalism, electronic surveillance is in place in the library.

Can I borrow?
If you are a registered patron with an activated card, you can check out materials. Stop by the library during staff hours to activate your card.

How do I pick up reserved materials?
Materials ready for pick-up are available on the shelves next to the self-service machines. Look for the pick-up date and your PID number in the e-mail that you received from CBS Library. If you do not have a date and PID number, please log on to the self-service machines for a status. Do not forget to check out any reserved materials.

How do I borrow?
You must be a registered patron to use the self-service machines. Use your health card, CBS student ID card, library card, or CPR number in combination with your 4-digit PIN to log on to the self-service machines. A check-out is only complete once a "Checked out" in black print appears for each material on the screen. If the text is red, this may signal that the alarm has not been properly deactivated. Simply run through the check-out procedure again to rectify this. Red text, however, may also indicate other problems, e.g. that the material is reserved for another patron.
If you have problems checking out material, please place it on the information desk and provide a short description of the problem as well as your e-mail and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If the alarm goes off when exiting?
Check if the material is on your receipt/patron status.
If not, you will need to borrow the material again. Please note that the text for checking out is black and not red.
If the material is on your receipt/patron status, you can just ignore the alarm. Please contact a member of staff at your earliest convenience.

How do I return materials?
Use the self-service machines to return materials. Please make sure that a "Checked in" appears in black print next to each material. If the material has not been returned correctly you are still liable for the loan.

Can I print and copy?
At CBS you can use the the print solution Princh.
Learn more about print, copy, and scanning at CBS Library.

Help with searching
The CBS Library Libguides can help you find your way in databases and tools provided by CBS Library. If you cannot find the information that you were looking for, please send an e-mail with your question and we will answer as soon as possible.

For more help, please visit Frequently Asked Questions

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