The War in Ukraine: Find an expert

Russia has invaded Ukraine. With this list, you can find experts from CBS who can inform and contribute to the debate on aspects such as SWIFT, the effect on global trade, exchange rates and investments, travel patterns, the risk of recession, and much more.


Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Birthe Larsen, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Contact: +4538152798 -
- The war's effect on inflation, recession, unemployment and interest rates
- Sanctions

Cornel Ban, Associate Professor, Department of Organization.
Contact: +45 20707113 -
- East European political economy
- Financial aspects of the war
- Sanctions
- Changes in supply chains in times of war and conflict

David Jinkins, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Contact: +4538155658 -
- International trade
- Immigration
- Refugee and asylum policy

Eleni Tsingou, Professor, Department of Organization.
Contact: +45 38153379 -
- Economic sanctions
- Payment systems and SWIFT
- Anti-money laundering
- Bank compliance

Florian Kock, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing.
Contact: +45 38152126 -
- Effect of war on travel patterns
- Risk/security perception and travel
- Animosity and conflict between countries: Effects on Consumers

Jan Lemnitzer, Assistant Professor
Contact: 93507379 -
- Cyber security
- Cyber conflict and cyber war
- International politics in relation to Ukraine

Jesper Rangvid, Professor, Department of Finance.
Contact: +45 38153784 -
- Sale of Russian assets by pension companies and other financial institutions
- The significance of financial sanctions
- The financial market and macroeconomics

Jonas Hedman, Professor, Department of Digitalization
Contact: +45 38154455, Mobil: 24794310 -
- Payment systems and money

Julie Uldam, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Society and Communication
Contact: +45 38153210 -
- Corporate responsibility in the context of war, consumer expectations, and the climate crisis.

Rasmus Corlin Christensen, Postdoc, Department of Organization.
Contact: +45 29727131 -
- Russian capital in tax havens and financial (non)transparency

Sebastian Zenker, Professor, Department of Marketing
Contact: +45 3815 3852 -
-    Impact of a refugee-crisis on tourism and city identity
-    Refugees and staff shortage/talent attraction
-    Risk-Perception and consumer behaviour

Søren Friis Hansen, Professor, CBS Law
Contact: +45 38152647 -
- Forced nationalization of foreign companies

Tooraj Jamasb, Professor, Department of Economics
Contakt: +45 38152223 -
- Energy economics and policy, especially related to EU
- Energy Infrastructure
- Energy poverty

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