CBS PRME awarded the prestigious Excellence in Reporting Award


As part of CBS’ commitment to PRME and its six principles, we at CBS are obliged to report on all PRME related activities spanning a two-year period. This report, commonly known as the Sharing in Progress Report or SIP Report is sent to the United Nations PRME office. In 2019, we at CBS also became signatories to the UN Global Compact (UNGC) and our report also acts as the required biennial report for UNGC.

As of 2015, we at CBS PRME have been awarded the prestigious Excellence in Reporting Award three times, with our latest award being recognized this summer for our report from 2019. Our current achievement was for “meeting and exceeding the requirements for the biennial reporting on implementation of the PRME Principles, with special recognition for reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals.”

If you would like further information on this or any of our SIP reports visit our PRME Resources page or contact Martiina M. Srkoc at or Caroline Aggestam Pontoppidan at

CBS Award
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