CBS Launches Pioneering Generative AI Course Featuring Christian Hendriksen

Copenhagen Business School has recently completed filming an innovative online course designed to equip students, faculty, and staff with a fundamental understanding of Generative AI. Spearheaded by Christian Hendriksen and Stefani Konstanta, the course aims to demystify the technology while exploring its vast potential and associated societal debates.




Christian Hendriksen, a leading expert at the forefront of AI in education, collaborated with other CBS experts to craft a curriculum that addresses the technological underpinnings and broader implications of AI tools. The course includes contributions from Daniel Hardt on language models, Dr. Poornima Luthra on diversity and algorithmic bias, Ursula Plesner on digitalization's hidden costs, Thomas Basbøll on the relevance of traditional writing skills, Morten Irgens on AI's transformative potential, and Mikkel Flyverbom on the societal challenges posed by AI integration.

This educational initiative is particularly timely, as it addresses both the opportunities and challenges brought forth by rapid advancements in AI technology. Hendriksen's approach to creating a balanced narrative around Generative AI—avoiding both undue hype and undue dismissal—highlights the necessity of informed discourse in the era of digital transformation. It is particularly important to equip our students to engage in a broader discussion about the impact on this technology on our everyday lives.

The online course, upon release, promises to be a critical resource, preparing the CBS community for a future increasingly shaped by AI. Participants are expected to gain a robust understanding of how Generative AI can be integrated thoughtfully and effectively across various domains.

This groundbreaking course is set to be a cornerstone of CBS’s educational offerings, reflecting its dedication to preparing a future-ready generation. It will be released to a wider CBS audience later this year.


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