CBS Nominates Carsten Scheibye for Prestigious Teaching Prize

In an inspiring move towards recognizing exceptional educational contributions, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has officially nominated Carsten Scheibye, Teaching Associate Professor at the Department of Operations Management, for the coveted Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s Teaching Prize 2024.



Photo by Bjarke MacCarthy/CBS

The Ministry’s Teaching Prize is awarded to those who contribute to outstanding teaching and create a supportive environment in higher education

Carsten Scheibye is known for his extraordinary contribution to academic and pedagogical development at course and program level and for his extraordinary ability to teach and motivate his students.

Carsten Scheibye, alongside Pernille Steen Pedersen, Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Humanities and Law, represents CBS in the national battle for this prestigious award, set to be decided this September. The Ministry’s Teaching Prize aims to celebrate educators who innovate and engage, fostering an enriching learning experience for their students. 

With the winners to be announced and honored in a ceremony in September, the anticipation within the academic circles and among students at CBS is palpable. The accolade not only recognizes individual excellence but also sets a benchmark for quality and innovative teaching practices in higher education across Denmark.


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