Industry Experts Gathered for Grundfos' Pricing Transformation Seminar



The recently held seminar "Grundfos' Pricing Transformation Journey" was kicked off by Teaching Associate Professor Giulio Zichella from Department of Operations Management, who provided an academic lens to strategic pricing capabilities, offered a compelling mix of theory and practical insights, making it a highlight of the event.

Following the academic perspective, Veronika Vedlin Bræin, Head of Global Pricing Excellence at Grundfos, took the stage to narrate the transformative journey of Grundfos' pricing strategies. From its inception as a modest single-person team to its growth into a dynamic group of 27 full-time employees, Bræin’s talk showcased the evolution of the company’s pricing framework into a systematic, cross-divisional model.

Christoffer Alexander Iuel from Implement Consulting Group further captivated the attendees with his expertise on aligning monetization choices with pricing operating models. His practical advice on strategic monetization was particularly noted for its direct applicability to current business challenges.

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