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It is the ambition of the PhD school in Technologies of Managing to be one of the leading schools within its field. The PhD programme makes heavy demands on the students’ maturity, abilities and willingness to work independently and take part in and create developing relations and networks with other PhD students and the senior research staff.
The PhD school in Technologies of Managing focuses especially on two areas:
  • Performance management, i.e. design, mobilisation and application of management information, including development, implementation and application of these elements at societal, organisational, group and individual levels
  • Inter-organisational relations and their development, management and effects.
The field of the PhD school comprises ‘Technologies of Managing, i.e. theories on and studies of how to make management feasible through representation of the ‘world’.
Mostly, research projects are completed in interaction with companies and organisations and characterised by an interdisciplinary approach. The research projects include both action research in close interaction and dialogue with the companies involved and more ‘classical’ studies, where initial theoretical considerations are followed by empirical studies in the field. Normally, the PhD student, the companies, sponsors and supervisor(s) develop and define the projects in interaction.
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