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Below, you will find a review of current and recently completed research projects at the department. All the projects are externally funded and include at least two of the department's researchers.


CBS Servitization research lays the foundation of a national progamme


The main challenge facing industrial firms in Denmark is the continuous and simultaneous  
integration  of physical products, services and data in which many firms are facing situations in 
which they must concurrently operate product (P), service (S) and data (D).
As part of the program, this CBS research investigates how the integration of the 
three elements, product, service and data is best utilized by companies for corporate  
success. We call it “The P+S+D Integration Challenge”.
The program aims to further strengthen the competitiveness of Danish organizations 
within the area of servitization.  The program is a national effort, funded 
by the Danish Industry Foundation, in which CBS collaborates with FORCE Technology,  
Aarhus University BTECH, the Danish Technological Institute, and Alexandra Institute.
The CBS research in the program builds upon the two earlier research projects at CBS: 


Juliana Hsuan, Professor (mso),
Department of Operations Management, CBS
Thomas Ritter, Professor,
Department of Strategy and Innovation, CBS
Thomas Frandsen, Associate Professor, Department of Operations Management, CBS
Jawwad Raja, Associate Professor, Department of Operations Management, CBS
Carsten Lund Pedersen, Postdoc, Department of Strategy and Innovation, CBS
For further information, please contact:
Christina Merolli Poulsen, Project Manager, Department of Operations Management, CBS

Reflow: shaping our urban future through a novel approach to circular economy

The research project REFLOW sets out to offer a new approach to circular economy in urban areas. Currently, our urban environments follow a process characterized by a linear product in/waste out model. Such traditional configuration leads cities to consume more than they produce and, consequently, creates an unsustainable amount of waste. In circular and regenerative cities, waste becomes a resource that helps building wealth rather than reducing it.  Active citizen involvement and systemic change are needed to re-design products, re-locate production, and re-think urban spaces, which in turn will enact this new form of managing resources.  

To ensure that circular economy principles are anchored in citizens’ vision and expectations, the project has as active partners six pilot cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Cluj-Napoca, Milan, Paris, and Vejle. In each of the six pilot cities there are makerspaces where citizens can prototype, develop, and test circular products, software, and business models for their cities. It is the ambition of REFLOW that its results can offer guidelines and tools that other cities can adopt in their transition to becoming circular and regenerative.

REFLOW brings together 27 partners from 10 European countries. REFLOW combines the competences and approaches of very different partners, including universities, grassroots organizations, municipalities, research institutions, designers and developers.  

The project is led by Cristiana Parisi, Associate Professor at the Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School (CBS). It received 10 Million € funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme for its 3-year duration, starting June 2019.  
The CBS REFLOW team:

Cristiana Parisi, Associate Professor, Project Coordinator of REFLOW,  
Jan Mouritsen, Professor,  
Juliana Hsuan, Professor MSO,  
Leonardo Santiago, Associate Professor,  
Lotta Lichtenberger, Project Administrator,  
Zartashia Ahmed, Research Assistant,
Anestis Keremis, Assistant Professor
Justyna Bekier, PhD Fellow
Andrea Beye, PhD Fellow

Link to CBS Blog:


reflow This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 820937.


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