Reimagining Supply Chain Management

The Reimagining Supply Chains Initiative is driven by a team of experienced researchers who are dedicated to challenging conventional ways to theorize supply chains and supply chain management.

Involvement in the Initiative

The team includes:

Andreas Wieland - Associate Professor

Philip Beske-Janssen - Assistant Professor

Christian Hendriksen - Assistant Professor

Amanda Bille - PhD Fellow

As part of the research, the team regularly has talks or presentations.

Above all, the Initiative is a space for collaboration and creativity. The aim of the Initiative is to develop supply chain management theory.

Background and Context

The Initiative was started in response to the need for fresh perspectives on supply chain management. Despite its importance, supply chain management has often been approached using theories, methods, and practices that may not adequately address the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, including social and ecological crises. The team is convinced that by challenging these conventional ways of thinking, they can develop transformative and regenerative approaches to supply chain management.

Approach and Goals

To challenge conventional approaches in supply chain management, the team is pursuing a research agenda that combines theoretical rigor with practical, societal, and ecological relevance. The team aims to make new theoretical contributions that can better capture the complexity of supply chains and how they interact with the rest of the world, as well as to conduct empirical studies that refine supply chain theory. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of sustainable supply chain management practices.


Several article recently coauthored by Andreas Wieland reinterpret supply chains as social-ecological systems and resilience in terms of persistence, adaptation, and transformation. One of our recent achievements is the publication of an article by Amanda Bille and Christian Hendriksen that relates to the Initiative. The article entitled “Let us get contextual: Critical realist case studies in supply chain management” presents a novel framework for understanding the dynamics of supply chains and offers insights into how they can be managed more effectively. In the future, we plan to continue our research and to share our findings through talks and presentations at conferences and other events.

Selected Publications

Bille, A., & Hendriksen, C. (2022). Let Us Get Contextual: Critical Realist Case Studies in Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal

Wieland, A. (2021). Dancing the supply chain: Toward transformative supply chain management. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 57(1), 58–73.

Wieland, A., & Durach, C. F. (2021). Two perspectives on supply chain resilience. Journal of Business Logistics, 42(3), 315–322.

Wieland, A., Stevenson, M., Melnyk, S. A., Davoudi, S., & Schultz, L. (2023). Thinking differently about supply chain resilience: what we can learn from social-ecological systems thinking. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 43(1), 1–21.

Contact Information

If you would like to learn more about the Reimagining Supply Chains Initiative, please contact Andreas Wieland at We welcome the opportunity to discuss our research and to collaborate with others who share our passion for advancing supply chain management research and practice.


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