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The PhD scholars at EGB, many of whom will form the next generation of researchers, are central to the life of the department. We seek to ensure that they are given appropriate guidance and feedback on their research project whilst at the same time they make an important contribution to our collective work and activity. 

For the most part, those taking a PhD within EGB are drawn from fields such as international business, political science or policymaking and their research projects address major challenges facing business and society more broadly across the different continents. Those offered a PhD position by EGB must also be registered and accepted as a student by the CBS PhD School. 

EGB offers PhD courses considering theories, methodologies and other research challenges through its participation in a cluster of CBS departments (MOST). This cluster has a particular focus upon international business, politics, sociology, organizational studies, law, and digital transformation.

There is always very strong competition for full-time PhD positions when they are advertised (please see Jobs@CBS). We urge those who apply for posts with EGB to consider carefully the goals of the department and the disciplines that are represented. Although it will inevitably evolve over time we ask for a draft research proposal that identifies a problem or puzzle worthy of study and sets out some of the relevant theoretical and methodological issues that are likely to arise. Most PhD scholars will also be asked to contribute to CBS teaching programmes. 

EGB PhD scholars have gone on, after the successful completion of their PhD, to pursue research and teaching careers in the university sector, join supranational organizations such as the World Trade Organisation, or are recruited by thinktanks. Others take up work in a range of occupations including the mass media, government, and consultancies.

When PhD positions become available, the advertisements will include details of online briefing sessions, so as to address practical questions about the application proposal and consider the research project ideas that might prove credible.

CBS PhD School:

Routes to a CBS PhD:

EGB PhD Coordinator – Eddie Ashbee (

EGB PhD research lies, for the most part, at the intersections between business, economics and politics. Recent and current PhD fellows have considered questions and topics such as:

  • The Chinese model of state-led development and AI technologies
  • Local elections, gender and corruption in developing countries
  • The economic and political effects of natural resource extraction
  • The global footprints of MNCs
  • The political economy of innovative startups
  • Industry 4.0 ecosystems
  • Political party funding regimes
  • Knowledge management in pharmaceutical MNCs
  • The relationship between commercial interests and the development agenda
  • The extent to which free trade agreements are in practice utilized by firms
  • Democracy and inequality
  • Western policy responses to the east Asian developmental state
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