Externally funded projects

To strengthen CBS 'profile as one of the best research institutions, CBS has in recent years increased its focus on external funding. CBS works strategically to attract research grants from both public and private funding bodies in Denmark and internationally. Below is a list of the externally financed research projects CBS has participated in the last five years. By clicking on each of projects you will find information on which CBS researchers are involved, the scope of the project, the funding source and the time frame for the project.

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AcronymTitleDepartment TypeStatusStartsort ascending
KompetencehubKompetencehubDepartment of Operations ManagementPublic (National)Completed08-06-2015
Sustainability Opportunities and ChallengesDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed08-06-2015
Embedding GroupThink: Assessing the Speard of Neoliberal Ideas and InfluenceDepartment of Business and PoliticsPrivate (International)Completed01-06-2015
From Rio to RoskildeDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed01-04-2015
Beyond the GameBeyond the GameDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPrivate (International)Completed01-04-2015
Population aging and firm performancePopulation aging and firm performance: The role of top executivesDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed01-04-2015
Maritime Arctic PlatformDepartment of Operations ManagementPrivate (National)Completed01-04-2015
Big Data - project developmentDepartment of Strategic Management and GlobalizationPrivate (National)Completed06-03-2015
Chinese TelegraphicThe Chinese Telegraphic Code BookDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed01-03-2015
Advancing Resilient Growth Advancing Resilient Growth in South-East AsiaDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed28-02-2015
EffectThe effect of the within firm coordination of hours worked on the elasticity of labor supplyDepartment of EconomicsPrivate (National)Completed01-02-2015
Carl and Thecla Lambergs guest professorshipDepartment of OrganizationPublic (International)Completed19-01-2015
EliteForsk - travel grant - Carsten PedersenDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-01-2015
Editorial function of Finans/Invest 2015Department of FinancePrivate (National)Completed01-01-2015
Book about CBS' 100 year anniversaryDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPrivate (National)Completed01-01-2015
Jackson Hole and Expert Networks in Economic GovernanceDepartment of Business and PoliticsPrivate (International)Completed01-01-2015
CO-CREATE-NETUnderstanding the co‐creation of Brand Meaning from a multi‐actor, multidimensional perspective: Establishment of an International Research Network.Department of MarketingPrivate (National)Completed01-01-2015
NCGNThe 7th annual workshop of the Nordic Corporate Governance NetworkDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed01-01-2015
Kræ-psy-socCancer Pathways in a Psychosocial Perspective: Effects on Professional Roles and the Patient ExperienceDepartment of OrganizationPrivate (National)Completed01-01-2015
MMRMedical Malpractice RegimesLaw DepartmentPrivate (National)Completed01-01-2015
CSR between public and privateCSR between public and private: Governmental conditions for CSR norms generation, transmission and implementationDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-01-2015
InnovativeInnovative Business DevelopmentDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-01-2015
Velux Takao KatoVelux Visiting Professor: Takao KatoDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed21-12-2014
Velux André SpicerVelux Visiting Professor Programme: André SpicerDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed21-12-2014
International research planning meeting at Columbia University, New YorkDepartment of IT ManagementPublic (National)Completed15-12-2014
INTERNET PRIVACYThe Privacy Policies of Internet Intermediaries: High-tech Responsibility in the Multi-stakeholder NexusDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementEU Completed01-12-2014
Evaluating the Whole of Government Accounts’ impact on external users: A comparative studyDepartment of Accounting and AuditingPrivate (International)Completed01-10-2014
DIGI-NATIVE-COLLABHow do digital natives collaborate? A cross-cultural comparison of Danish & US studentsDepartment of International Business CommunicationPrivate (National)Completed01-10-2014
CAPMISInstitutional Capital and Bond MispricingsDepartment of FinancePublic (National)Completed01-10-2014
Det gode beslutningsgrundlagDet gode beslutningsgrundlagDepartment of Accounting and AuditingPrivate (National)Completed02-09-2014