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Thomas Riise Johansen og Morten Holm har netop offentliggjort en rapport med resultaterne fra en undersøgelse af revisors betydning i små virksomheder.
Revisors betydning for små virksomheder

The Department of Accounting was founded in 1932 and is the largest academic institution in Denmark, and one of the largest in Europe, within accounting, auditing, management control and corporate governance. Our ambition is to further increase our impact on the international research community.

The department prioritises relevance and quality in our research demonstrating a major influence on both society and on businesses within our research fields. This impact is achieved directly through research and cooperation with businesses and society and indirectly through our education portfolio.

At the department, we educate and train a great deal of PhD students as well as numerous bachelor and master students on various programmes, e.g.  cand.merc.aud. (auditing), cand.merc.fir. (finance and accounting) and cand.merc.asc. (accounting, strategy and control), and we offer executive education in e.g. accounting, strategy and corporate governance. In addition, we organize workshops, research projects, research seminars, conferences, etc.

The department hosts two centres: Centre for Corporate Goverance and Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses.
The two centres combined with the rest of the faculty at the department hold a broad and nuanced array of competences, talents and expertise within the numerous aspects of accounting, auditing and corporate governance and together we explore these topics from national as well as global perspectives. This is also reflected through our multinational staff as we increasingly attract skilled faculty from all over the world.



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