Easy access to newspapers and magazines worldwide


Are you into fashion or travel magazines or maybe hunting and cars? There is something for everyone in PressReader that CBS Library provides access to. PressReader is a super-simple platform with thousands of newspapers and magazines. Follow the news around the world or dive into some of the magazines you love most.


PressReader is great for browsing and reading newspapers and magazines.

Its search function is limited, so it's not super-good for thorough information searching. But you can search in the box at the top right.

Try using the advanced search to narrow down to specific languages, dates or publications.

To find a specific issue of a newspaper or magazine, click on the cover to select a different date in the calendar that shows up.

Register as a user
You can create your own user and follow exactly the newspapers and magazines that interest you.

Get PressReader on your smartphone or tablet

  • Click "Sign in" on your computer
  • Don't sign in with a social media account, but instead use “New User? Sign up now ”
  • Use your CBS email to create an account
  • Then open the app and click "Accounts" to log in

Link to Quick Start Guide

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