Digital editions of print newspapers and magazines from around the world. Covers the most recent year. PressReader has replaced Library PressDisplay.

PressReader contents

Read newspapers in their original, print, setting. The digital editions are identical to their print counterparts.

Access to more than 2800 newspapers (7000 if you count with magazines) from 120 countries and in 64 languages.

The newspapers will remain available for one year (this does not apply to all newspaper titles, however).

If you are looking for older editions, please use Factiva.

For Danish newspapers, use Infomedia or Børsen Business Net

Hints from the librarian 

Change to advanced search when running your query by scrolling to the bottom of the list of results.

If you are looking for a specific issue, simply click the cover of the relevant newspaper or magazine and select another date.

Create a personal account to monitor your favourite newspapers and magazines.

PressReader on smartphone or tablet:
Follow these steps if you want to use PressReader from your smartphone or tablet:

  • Click "Sign In" on your pc
  • Do not use a social media account, but click "New user? Sign up now" instead
  • Use your CBS e-mail to create an account
  • Open the app and click “Accounts” to log in.

Link to Quick Start Guide

Right-click to listen to most articles in their original language.

In some cases, translations of articles are available too, again simply right-click.

Pressreader facts

Coverage 7000+ newspapers & magazines
Period Most recent year for most publications
Geography The World
Provider PressReader



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The database is available on CBS campus and through remote access.
Only CBS students and staff have access through remote access.