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Peter Holdt
Associate professor

Room: DH.V.2.44
Peter Holdt

My research focuses on human behavior within organizations. In particular I focus on knowledge sharing, motivation, and how physical structures - such as the layout of offices - influence both knowledge sharing and motivation. I draw on theories from organization theory, psychology, and social psychology, and I do both qualitative and quantitative studies. The empirical focus ranges from small and medium sized private companies, to large private and public organizations. My teaching activities reflect my research interests, and I mainly teach courses on organization theory, and knowledge sharing.

Primary research areas
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Motivation
  • The Impact of Spaces on Motivation and Human Interactions
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Peter Holdt Christensen / Hybridarbejde : Udfordringer i et fleksibelt fællesskab.
In: Tidsskrift for Arbejdsliv, Vol. 26, No. 1, 3.2024, p. 11–27
Journal article > peer review
Peter Holdt Christensen / Hybridarbejde : Balancen mellem nye og gamle måder at arbejde på.
Frederiksberg : Samfundslitteratur 2022, 300 p.
Book > peer review
Peter Holdt Christensen / Organizational Walking : The New Normal of Bodily Movements in and around Organizational Life.
Paper presented at The Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2022, 2022
Paper > peer review
Peter Holdt Christensen / Organizational Walking. The New Normal of Bodily Movements In and Around Organizational Life
In: Proceedings of the Eighty-second Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management . ed. /Sonja Taneja. Briarcliff Manor, NY : Academy of Management 2022, 1 p., p. 645 (Academy of Management Proceedings)
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
Peter Holdt Christensen / The Organisation
In: Effective Knowledge Sharing: Making the Most of Networks. . ed. /Susie Agerbo Lynge. København : Hans Reitzels Forlag 2022, p. 49-51
Book chapter
Peter Holdt Christensen / What is Knowledge Sharing?
In: Effective Knowledge Sharing: Making the Most of Networks. . ed. /Susie Agerbo Lynge. København : Hans Reitzels Forlag 2022, p. 27-40
Book chapter
Peter Holdt Christensen / Effektivitet gennem synlighed
In: Effektivitet, No. 2, 2021, p. 7-9
Journal article
Peter Holdt Christensen; Nicolai J. Foss / Present-but-online : How Mobile Devices May Harm Purposeful Co-presence in Organizations (And What Can Be Done About It).
In: European Management Journal, Vol. 39, No. 1, 2.2021, p. 84-94
Journal article > peer review
Peter Holdt Christensen / Motivation på arbejdspladsen : Overblik, indblik og anvendelse.
København : Akademisk Forlag 2020, 400 p.
Peter Holdt Christensen / Livlige organisationer : Nyere perspektiver på hvordan arbejdspladser fungerer.
København : Akademisk Forlag 2019, 320 p.
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