Research Practice Committee and Named Person

The Research Practice Committee at CBS has been set up to promote good research practice and handle cases concerning questionable research practice. Moreover, it forwards cases concerning research misconduct (typically falsification, fabrication and most types of plagiarism) to The Danish Committee on Research Misconduct.

Research Practice Committee

In order to promote good scientific conduct, the Research Practice Committee works to inform about the Danish code of conduct for research integrity (PDF) as well as the Singapore Statement, both of which are supported by CBS. Moreover, the CBS Research Practice Committee can choose to supplement these documents with norms relevant to the concrete understanding of good research conduct.

The Research Practice Committee can receive complaints concerning questionable research conducted by researchers employed at CBS from all parties, external as well as internal. Complaints will be dealt with as long as they are not outdated, anonymous or unfounded.

The Academic Council at CBS appoints the members of the Research Practice Committee, which consists of a chairman and two permanent members. The committee may choose to supplement its capacities with one or two experts when needed.
Chairman: Søren Friis Hansen (LAW), personal alternate: Christina Tvarnø (LAW)
Member: Christina Lubinski (MPP), personal alternate: Kurt Jacobsen (MPP)
Member: Hans Christian Kongsted (INO), personal alternate: Torsten Ringberg (Markt)
Named Persons
The Named Persons at CBS are independent, senior scholars who can guide and counsel faculty at CBS concerning good research practice. The Named Persons are independent of the Research Practice Committee (of which they cannot be members) and the Senior Management.

Faculty is welcome to contact the Named Persons in case they have questions concerning their own or other researchers’ conduct. The Named Persons may in these cases discuss the concrete case and advice on further initiatives, including set up mediation between the involved parties.
The Named Persons are obliged to keep all dialogue with individual faculty confidential. Thus, discussing a case with the Named Persons does not in itself lead to a case in the Research Practice Committee.
The Named Persons are appointed by the Academic Council.
Named Persons: Morten Lau ( and Signe Vikkelsø (


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