Department of Business Humanities and Law


Below please find academic and administrative staff members at the Department of Business Humanities and Law. You can filter the listing by choosing 'Select job category'. 

Mitchell Dean Mitchell Dean Head of Department +4538154234
Henrik Hermansen Head of Secretariat +4538153656
Profile picture First name Last name title phone mail
Mikkel Witt Syberg Mikkel Witt Syberg PhD fellow +4538153422
Stefani Steinbeck Stefanie Steinbeck PhD fellow +4538153685
Lauren Eaton Lauren Eaton PhD fellow +4538153513
Benjamin Dante PhD fellow +4538152634
Sharon Kishik Sharon Kishik PhD fellow
Anne Cecilie Kvium Anne Cecilie Rathschau Kvium PhD fellow
Alice Neusiedler Alice Neusiedler PhD fellow
cristine dyhrberg Cristine Dyhrberg Højgaard PhD fellow
Anders Theis Bollmann PhD fellow +4538153659
Marianne Buffat PhD fellow +4538152654
Rikke Killerich PhD fellow Amalie Toft Bentsen PhD fellow +4538152641
kogut Mads Kogut PhD fellow +4538153657
Enrico Macciò PhD fellow +4538153687
Tessa Barnow Tessa Barnow PhD fellow +4538153612
Maria Wriedt Keller PhD fellow +4538152621
Ece Gursoy Ece Gürsoy PhD fellow +4538153622
Christina Juhlin Christina Juhlin PhD fellow +4538153763
Lotte List Lotte List PhD fellow +4538153769
Nicolai Christian Øllegaard Jepsen PhD fellow +4538153684
Frederik Skamris Holm Frederik Skamris Holm PhD fellow +4538152649
Flora Antoniazzi Flora Antoniazzi PhD fellow +4538153751
Charlotte Cator Charlotte Cator PhD fellow +4538153742
Michael Benned Hansen Michael Bennedsen Hansen PhD fellow +4538153604
Alexander Elg PhD fellow +4538153644
Dummy profile picture Olivia Norma Jørgensen PhD fellow +4538153642
Martin Brandt Djupdraet Martin Brandt Djupdræt PhD fellow