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PhD fellow

Room: POR/18.B-3.25
E-mail: lea.bhl@cbs.dk
Lauren Eaton

Lauren Eaton is a PhD Fellow at the Department of Business Humanities and Law at Copenhagen Business School. Her academic background is grounded in the business school, but she also incorporates the humanities, drawing on a historical perspective to shed new light on contemporary issues. Her research leverages history as a lens to critically examine the present and to think creatively about the future, particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation.

Lauren is joining the Rethinking Entrepreneurship project supported by the Carlsberg Foundation. She aspires to generate a deeper understanding of the social discourse surrounding entrepreneurship by investigating the popularisation of entrepreneurship concepts from scholarly debates to popular discourse.

Hailing from New Zealand, she holds a Master of Commerce in Management with Distinction and a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management and Commercial Law from Victoria University of Wellington.

Primary research areas
  • entrepreneurship
  • business history
  • management
  • organisational behaviour
  • transformational leadership
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BA-BHAAV6034U Google, Uber, Amazon: The Management of Platform Businesses