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PhD fellow

Rikke Killerich

After receiving funding from Innovation Fund Denmark to initiate my PhD project with Microsoft, I joined the Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy (MPP) as an Industrial PhD Fellow in September 2021.

My research focuses on design return on investment (DROI) and examines how DROI calculations are used in decision-making processes and how this affects the level of human-centricity of a product.

At Microsoft I am part of a global team that advises on ways to help Microsoft shift towards a more data-driven and human centered design culture.

I hold a BSc in Market and Management Anthropology from University of Southern Denmark and a MSc in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School.

Primary research areas
  • DROI (design return on investment)
  • Decision-making
  • Applied anthropology
  • Agile stage-gate hybrids
  • Data-driven product design
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