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Risk Management and Data

Oktober 10 2018

In this Public Seminar Series, we will be looking at how three world class companies and organisations are dealing with the risk they are facing (at first sight all very different), given the data and technologies they have available. After a short introduction into the topic by each of the speaker, we will discuss in a roundtable format about the best way forward for firms and society. 

Taking calculated risks is the lifeblood of firms, the very reason why they make profits. But while the discussion of risk is as old as firms (and probably older), the qualification of risk has so far been limited to the financial sector. 

The availability of large amounts of digital data (‘Big Data’) across a wide spectrum of economic and organisational activities should in theory help firms to predict risk much better, and so help to considerably increase efficiency. In practice though, things are much more difficult, and organisations across all sectors seem to grapple with similar issues, which will be the focus of our debate.


  • Alexander Scholz is Head of Project Management & Sourcing, BMW Group
  • Peter Langmead-Jones is currently the Head of External Relations and Performance, with Greater Manchester Police, UK.
  • Lars Henneberg is Head of Risk Management at Maersk, where he is responsible for insurance, enterprice risk management and business continuity management.


Public Lecture on Banking Consolidation

September 21 2020

Public online-lecture on Banking Consolidation with Édouard Fernández-Bollo (Member of the ECB Supervisory Board). Chair: Jesper Berg (Director General of the Danish FSA). Organisation: Prof. Tom Kirchmaier, CBS.

As part of the European Central Bank’s Consultation on Banking Consolidation, Édouard will be talking about the ECB’s plans on that subject for about half an hour, followed by an extensive Q&A session on that subject. 

Édouard is very excited to hear our opinions, not least as this will be the only event that will be held on that subject outside the Eurozone.

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