Føler du dig statistik-kyndig eller som lidt af en dummy?


Nu er der hjælp at hente i CBS Biblioteks nyanskaffelse, Wiley StatsRef. Her kan du finde definitioner på begreber og uddybende artikler om statistiske emner. En god kilde til diverse statistiske metoder.


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You may feel quite at home with statistics, or maybe you feel less confident when the conversation turns to numbers and statistical methods.

CBS Library recently purchased access to Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online. A new reference tool that allows you to broaden your knowledge, find definitions, and verify concepts.

Wiley StatsRef covers the fundamentals of statistical methodology and theory as well as applications of statistics in all fields.

Topics covered are Applications, Concepts, Definitions, and Formulae, as well as Methods and Theory. You can also find biographic and historical articles. Wiley StatsRef contains articles on a great diversity of topics, from the Black Scholes pricing model to Data Analysis and Risk Measurement & Modelling, to Cluster Analysis and Likert Scale. 

Looking at the Applications section, two categories may be of particular interest to CBS students and faculty, namely Statistics in Business and Finance Statistics and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

With Wiley StatsRef at hand, you have an authoritative source on statistics providing you new confidence when talking about statistical methods.

Access to Wiley StatsRef
All CBS students and staff have access to this database on and off campus.
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