Everything you need to know about methodology

Need reliable sources for your methodology? In that case SAGE Research Methods is a good place to start. Whether you are brand new to methodology and need help selecting and understanding the paths available to you, or a seasoned methods wizard who wants to explore the theory behind and find case-based inspiration, Sage Research Methods is just the place to go.


SAGE Research Methods is a repository of documents on social science methodology. It comprises in excess of 1000 books, reference works, articles, and videos by established researchers from all over the world, all published by Sage. 

You can use the database as a way to inform yourself about the methods you intend to apply in your assignments, and as such, it can help you in your research process. 

Which method to use?

SAGE Research Methods has developed something it calls Methods Map, a visual and interactive discovery tool that displays the links between different methodological approaches and concepts.

Methods Map allows you to explore methods, find definitions of key concepts, as well as browse relevant articles, book chapters, and videos on a myriad of topics.

Use Methods Map as a stepping stone to understanding the application of and theory behind selected methodologies and their interrelationships

Below you will find an example of a "Quantitative data collection" map. You can either display documents on "Quantitative data collection", view related methods, explore sub-methods by clicking "Narrower terms" or move one step up to look at the more generic concept of "Data collection".

Skærmbillede af Methods Map

Screenshot from SAGE Research Methods

Project planning help

SAGE Research Methods also boasts a Project Planner tool, organized as an ongoing process., each step of the process explained and references to further readings provided. Steps include “defining a topic”, “reviewing the literature”, “research design”, “data collection” etc.

Methodological definitions

Search or browse encyclopedias and dictionaries for specific definitions, e.g. phenomenology. In most cases, these documents will be relatively brief. You can also watch short videos about the advantages and disadvantages of different methods. 

Access to SAGE Research Methods 

Find it on the list of databases under "s". Available to CBS students and staff.
Link to SAGE Research Methods

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