Does CBS Library offer special services for CBS alumni?

CBS Library for CBS Alumni
CBS Alumni are always welcome at CBS Library. Besides borrowing books, you can access online articles, e-books, and databases via the computers available in the library. In the staffed opening hours, you can get help with information search and other library related questions.

Access to articles, company profiles, and more
As registered CBS Alumni you have special access – also from home – to the database Business Source Alumni Edition.
Link to information about the content of the database and helpful tips
Contact CBS Alumni to register and get access to the database.

Free delivery of books to your home address
We offer free shipment by mail of loans from CBS Library collections to private addresses in Denmark. It is no longer an option to order materials from other libraries through CBS Library. Instead, you can use and collect the books at your local public library.
Contact us to register as a library patron with alumni advantages.
Renew your loans online and check your status on Libsearch.

CBS Alumni login
Send your full name and date of birth to, who will create a new password for you.

Tips from the librarian - free articles!
Do you know the tools Open Access Button and Unpaywall? They are tools developed by non-profit organizations to help you find free and legal versions of research articles that are otherwise behind paywalls.
Try the tools if you are not at CBS Library, and want to access articles that are not available via Business Source Alumni Edition.

Anette Koll
Tel. +45 3815 3682

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