CBS strengthens effort to help graduates find work

The study progress reform means that the number of graduates this fall will double. For that reason, CBS intensifies its efforts to help the graduates find work. Read how you can contribute.


Photo: Tao Lytzen

By: Jakob Vesterager

These days CBS’ hallways are echoing with the sounds of champagne corks popping and happy families congratulating the graduates with their new status as graduates.

But this year is different than prior years. The study progress reform, which aims at getting students to complete their study programs within the prescribed period of study, means that there will be significantly more graduates this year. As a matter of fact, there will be almost twice as many graduates over the course of the next year compared to previous years because the students complete their programs faster and they enter the labor market within a more compressed period of time.

And it is not only CBS’ graduates who enter the labor market now; the other universities also hatch graduates in these months, so collectively there is fierce competition to land the first job.

CBS Career Centre has therefore launched a series of new initiatives, says team leader Head of Career Centre Anne Malberg Horsager.

- Luckily, most CBS graduates still have good prospects of quickly finding work and they are continually very sought-after by the companies. So our new initiatives aim at giving the CBS graduates an extra boost so that they can optimize their job search. We will therefore provide a line of special offers for the recent graduates and customized programs for graduates from lines of study that tend to have higher unemployment rates.

As an alumn there are several ways that you can help the graduates:

- If your company is looking for new talent CBS Career Centre can assist by facilitating contact between graduate and company. It can be done either through the CBS CareerGate site or with assistance from the Career Centre.  

- Become a mentor! CBS Career Centre has ongoing projects such as Career Academy for which they need skilled mentors who can help students and graduates. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you can sign up.

- During the fall there will be a series of offers aiming to create new contacts to companies. If you want to share your specialized knowledge, engage your company, or contribute in other ways, you are most welcome to contact Career Centre by email or phone +45 3815 2030.

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