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The traditional way of doing and organising business is changing and organisations are becoming more digitalized. The framework for mentoring must therefore adapt and reflect the trends and aspects of the society in which we live, work and do business. The CBS Mentoring Programme is more than a traditional mentor programme, which is why we are looking for alumni and associates worldwide who wish to use the mentor programme as an opportunity to engage with our students in order to help the future generation prepare for a job market in rapid change. 

The CBS Mentoring Programme brings you the opportunity to:

  • Engage with master’s and third year bachelor’s students
  • Attend the mentor programme from any location worldwide 
  • Contribute to the programme with your area of expertise 
  • Attend workshops and professional events with focus on digitalisation, disruption, social responsibility, and the organisation of the future

Timeline for the CBS Mentoring Programme 2019/20:

All mentor groups are free to begin their mentor sessions as soon as all members of the group have received the mandatory training. We will conclude the training on 8 November. We will continuously match remaining applicants, should there be any mentors or mentees left unmatched after 8 November. The programme concludes in May 2020. 

Applications for the 2019/2020 mentor programme are now closed 

Register with CBS Alumni and receive information regarding the next application round 

See the CBS Mentoring team 2019/2020 

Who can become a mentor? 
A mentor with CBS Business is not only a great role model within their industry and field of work – they also embrace the importance and implications of globalisation, digitalisation, mobility and social responsibility across the business world and society as a whole. We consider our mentors to be curious, eager to learn and can pass on their wisdom and knowledge in order to support and prepare the current students for the future labour market. 
As a mentor, you take on a voluntary role engaging with current students from CBS. We expect our mentors to have both extensive work experience within their field of expertise and group facilitating such as mentoring, workshops and team leading. We seek both Danish and English speaking mentors. Preferably, you speak both languages, as the programme will be facilitated in English.
In order to apply as a mentor with CBS Business you must either hold a degree from CBS or you can be recommended for the programme by one of partners. In addition, you must commit to at least four mentoring sessions over a period of six to eight months. 

The role and requirements of a mentor

Now you have the chance to become a mentor for either current master’s, - and third year bachelor’s students. 
Requirements for mentoring current master’s students: 
  • You fulfil one of the previous requirements and have a minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience. 
Requirements for mentoring current bachelor’s students: 
  • You are preferably an alumni from CBS holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree with a minimum of 2-3 years of relevant work experience after graduating. 
Besides being responsible for facilitating and planning the themes for each mentor session, the mentor is also responsible for providing a meeting venue. We recommend the mentor’s workplace as a venue for the meetings, however, we emphasize that we collaborate with the mentor and not the company. If you are located outside the Greater Copenhagen area, you are responsible for providing mentor sessions through skype. 
It is important that you have a strong interest in the students and are willing to allocate the necessary time for the mentor programme (preparations, meetings and follow-ups among others). 
Please note that the mentor role is a voluntary activity. Mentors are not entitled to any salary or remuneration. 
Mentor options - Get involved from any location: 
You may become a mentor for current students from CBS wherever you are located in the world: 
  1. 1-to-1 mentoring of one master’s student 
  2. Group mentoring with 4-6 master’s students
  3. 1-to-1 mentoring of one bachelor’s student
  4. Group mentoring with 2-4 bachelor’s students
  5. 1-to-1 remote mentoring with either a bachelor’s or master’s student
  6. Group remote mentoring with or 2-3 master’s students. 
Why become a mentor - what's in it for you?
As a mentor, you get the opportunity to give something valuable back to CBS and to expand your own knowledge through the perspectives of the mentees. Mentoring will contribute to personal and professional development for both you and your mentees as well as shaping the direction of the future generation within your field of expertise. For this mentor programme, you will: 
  • Engage with motivated students from CBS 
  • Gain new knowledge and inspiration 
  • Gain theoretical mentoring skills from your training (workshops lasting 2.5 hours)
  • Receive invitations to inspirational and professional events
  • Become part of a strong mentor network 
CBS’ role
CBS Business facilitates the process of recruiting and matching the mentors and mentees. The process of matching is based upon the student’s career objectives and the mentor’s professional merits and interests. In case there is the need for any consultation and/or inspiration, both prior to, during and after the programme CBS Business welcome that you contact us. 
As a mentor, you will be invited to a workshop where we will give you an introduction to your role, as well as tools for the mentoring process. This includes how to facilitate meetings, creating a confidential room, setting objectives and overall getting the most out of the mentoring sessions. 
The mentees will also receive an introduction preparing them for the role and responsibilities of a mentees. We will focus on group dynamics, objectives for own development as wells as what is expected of them in terms of commitment, motivation and how to step into the mentee role. This helps to increase the value and quality of the programme for both the mentors and the mentees. 
CBS Business offers all CBS alumni mentors free access to our official alumni network; CBS Alumni. Those recommended by our partners are also welcome to subscribe to alumni news. 

Application process, deadlines and contact

We plan to accept 100 mentors this year. 
In the selection process, we look at work experience and general qualifications as well as your motivation. We will also look at the composition of the mentor team in order to match the interests of our students as well as ensuring diversity in, gender, age, seniority, size of company, international experience, industries and business areas. 
When applying you are asked to submit a photo and a short profile of yourself.  The profiles will be used in an online mentor catalogue to give the students a proper foundation for indicating their preferred direction and mentor in the mentor programme. 
Application deadlines:
Due to a high interest, we have now closed for application 2019/20. The CBS Mentoring Programme 2019/20 is officially closed for applications. We want to thank all applicants for the record-breaking number of applicants we have had this year. We look forward to opening the application submission for the 2020/21 programme in March 2020. On this page, you can learn more about the structure and purpose of the programme.

If you have any inquiries, you are welcome to contact us on
Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the mentor role at CBS.
I am not a CBS alumnus. Can I still apply to become a mentor?
Primarily, we want to collaborate with motivating and inspiring CBS alumni and CBS collaborators who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experience. However, if you are not a CBS alumnus but have another connection to CBS and want to pass on your personal and professional experience to dedicated students, please feel free to apply.
Is it a prerequisite that I can host the mentor meetings at my company?
To ensure the group planning process and the logistics around the meetings run smoothly, we plan the meetings to take place at your workplace. This will also minimise your own transportation time etc. You can choose another suitable location for the meetings as long as it is in the Greater Copenhagen Area and easy to access for the students. In special cases, it will be possible to have the meetings at CBS e.g. if the logistics are too challenging (see below). 
How many hours of preparation do you estimate I have to spend before each meeting?
Taking on the mentor role implies dedicating some time before and after the mentor meetings to ensure good planning and follow up. Each meeting is of 2-3 hours’ duration to which you should add around 2-4 hours of preparation depending on the theme, facilitation and level of preparation from the students. You can choose to involve the students in the preparation of the meetings. It is recommended that this is discussed and agreed upon already in your first meeting. Dialogue and coordination with the group will be needed between the meetings. .
Can I take part in the selection of the students?
CBS is responsible for the selection of the participants in this year’s programme according to overall guidelines. The best way to be involved in this process is through the mentor presentation in our online “mentor catalogue”. Here we encourage you to share important professional and personal information to help the students prioritise mentors. The online “mentor catalogue” is a part of the second round of the mentor recruitment process.
Do the mentor meetings have to be in English?
The applicants are both Danish and international students and some of them do not speak Danish. Therefore, we need to know if you are able to hold the meetings in English and/or Danish. This information will appear in the “mentor catalogue” to ensure the right fit between mentors and students.
How many students do you recommend in a group?
To ensure the establishment of a high level of trust, openness, engagement and commitment, we recommend a group size of approx. 6 participants. We know from experience that larger groups may reduce the feeling of commitment and obligation towards the group. Having a group of 6 also makes it possible to share more in-depth information and have time for deeper discussions in the meetings.
However, you may have other experiences and can therefore decide on the optimal group size for your group.


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