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As an alum, you have the opportunity to engage with CBS for example by becoming a mentor to our students - no matter where you are in the world. You can contribute with your knowledge your expectations to the future job market, your professional and personal experience and your passion. All while you get new perspectives and grow with the students.

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CBS Mentoring Programme is an international offer to students at CBS. More than 181 mentors and 410 mentees representing more than 60 nationalities participated from CBS.

We offer either a group or individual mentoring relationships. The programme is primarily aimed at graduate students and bachelor students in their final year.             

We value openness, perspective, and diversity. The goal is to prepare the students for the choices and transitions they will face regarding their career.

As a mentor you may contribute to:

  • Clarification of the students’ passions, ambitions and opportunities. 
  • Understanding of the expectations to roles, labour market, and workplace
  • Understanding of the importance of a healthy work-life balance and life-long learning
  • Readiness for career and for transitions

Before you apply to become a mentor, we recommend you read this page to prepare for completing the application. 

Benefits for you as mentor

As a mentor, you get an opportunity to give something valuable back to CBS and the next generation. At the same time, you can gain new perspective. Being a mentor contributes to personal development for you and your mentee(s).

We offer you: 

  • A tool-based workshop, sparring, and material that will prepare you for the role as mentor
  • Development and growth with one mentee or a small group of mentees
  • New knowledge and inspiration
  • Experience in development of groups and individuals at in person or virtual meetings
  • Experiencing in working with diversity and engaging with Danish and international students.
  • To become part of a professional network and receive invitations to events with professional content 

Who can be a mentor

  • Everyone with an academic degree such as a master’s degree, PhD, an MBA, or a Master from CBS can apply to become a mentor in the programme. You must also have a minimum of two-five years of relevant professional experience.
  • Everyone with an academic degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from CBS can also apply to become a mentor. However, we expect you to have relevant, longer and practical experience on a higher level.
  • You should be highly motivated to share both professional and personal experiences, be open, and contribute to the students’ development, understanding, and career readiness
  • You must be fluent in spoken English
  • You will be able to facilitate the mentoring sessions and allocate time for preparation, at least four sessions with your mentee(s) and closing the process.

Your role as mentor

As mentor, you contribute to preparing the coming generation for a labour market characterized by changes. To ensure that both you and your mentee(s) get the optimal out of the programme, we expect you to be aware of your role and responsibility:

  • New mentors must participate in an online workshop
  • You are motivated and have a desire to contribute to the students’ development
  • You contribute on a volunteer basis and spend the required time to complete the programme in a satisfying manner
  • You will be planning content, facilitating, and conduct minimum four mentoring sessions from November 2022 – May 2023
  • You must provide a physical or virtual place to meet up with your mentees. If possible and observing any health recommendations, we recommend you meet physically with your mentees for some of the sessions.
  • You must be fluent in spoken English 

Before you to apply to become mentor

Before you apply for being a mentor you should consider the following:

  • Do you want to be mentor for one mentee or for a small group?
  • Can you set aside the required time for mentoring between November 2022 – May 2023.
  • What experience and competencies can you contribute with (profession, areas, interests, passion)?
  • What is your motivation for participating?
  • What do you expect to contribute with?

Application process for CBS Mentoring Programme 2022/2023

As last year, we expect to invite about 150 mentors and 400 students to the CBS Mentoring Programme. 

It is important to us to ensure diversity, relevant competencies, and understanding of the future workplace among our mentors, and of course meet the demand from students. Therefore, it is not all applicants who will be selected or later matched with mentees.

All applicants will receive a personal response from


CBS Mentoring Programme process

Apply to become mentor 

Application for the 2023/2024 CBS Mentoring Programme opens in june 2023. 

If you have questions for the CBS Mentoring Programme, please reach out to us at

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