Associations and networks

The alumni of CBS have a rich tradition of staying connected to each other and CBS through associations and networks – and they always have room for more members.

CBS Alumni's network group on LinkedIn 

CBS Alumni's group on LinkedIn
By becoming a part of CBS Alumni’s group on LinkedIn you will gain access to a diverse network of other alumni from CBS. Additionally, LinkedIn is CBS Alumni’s primary communications channel.

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Independent alumni associations and networks

Alumni Network for HA in European Business 

Network for people holding a bachelor degree (HA) in European Business from Copenhagen Business School.

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ASP Alumni
ASP Alumni is an alumni association for alumni from the BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture programme.

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BA-IMK Alumni
BA-IMK Alumni is a network for alumni from the CBS BA programme in Intercultural Market Communication.

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Cand.merc.(kom.) Alumni
Cand.merc.(kom.) Alumni is an alumni association for students and alumni of the CBS MSc programme in Business Administration and Organisational Communication.

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CBP Network
CBP Network is a professional network for students and alumni of the CBS MSocSc program in Management of Creative Business Processes. Its aim is to bridge the gap between young professionals and creative organizations. 

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CBS MBA Alumni Society
CBS MBA Alumni Society is an alumni association for students and alumni of the CBS Full-time MBA programme and the Executive MBA programme.

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CBS Sustainability Alumni Network
CBS Sustainability Alumni Network is a network for CBS alumni working within the field of sustainability.

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FIR Alumni
FIR Alumni is a network for alumni from the CBS MSc programme in Finance and Accounting.

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Globe Scholars
Globe Scholars is a network for students, alumni and faculty from the Globe (Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education) programme of the CBS BSc programme in International Business.

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HD Alumni
HD Alumni is a network for former and current HD-students from CBS. 

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HRM/PBD Alumni Network
The HRM/PBD alumni network is a network for alumni from the MSc in Economics & Business Administration and the MSocSc in Human Resource Management programmes.

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International Business Club CBS (IBC CBS)
International Business Club CBS (formerly CIBA) is a network for all alumni from CBS, current CBS students and everyone with an interest within the field of international business. The association’s vision is to give back to society and to the young students.

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IBP Alumni
IBP Alumni is a network for alumni from the CBS BSc and MSc programme in International Business and Politics.

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MScoSc OIE Alumni Network

MScoSc OIE Alumni Network is an OIE Alumni Association that provides and supports MScoSc Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE) alumni activities, facilitates communication between other alumni, and seeks to strengthen alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association, and CBS-OIE connection. 

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