• 20.09.2019

    Implementing a four-day workweek without wage cuts

    Gain insight into concrete tools and methods, which IIH Nordic made use of when successfully implementing a four-day workweek without wage cuts – a new way of working based on the digital agency’s wish to retain their employees by improving their quality of life.
  • 19.09.2019

    In Your Own Words – Yotvat Rieder Aviram, Worldwide Communications Manager, HP, Graphics Printing

    For Yotvat Rieder Aviram the road less travelled is often the most meaningful one. Yotvat arrived in Denmark first as a backpacker, later as an exchange student and finally as a full-time International Business student at CBS. What was meant to be a short adventure, turned into nine years in Denmark. Now, she is back in Tel Aviv but still engaged in CBS as a mentor for Master's students in the CBS Mentoring Programme.
  • 19.06.2019

    Recommended summer reads '19

    To many of us, the summer holiday is the season, where we finally have time to read books. For that reason, CBS Alumni has asked three CBS scholars to recommend summer reading which is either academic or simply just enjoyable. Take a look at what Head of department Helle Zinner, Professor Dan Käremann and PhD-fellow Thomas Burø recommend.
  • 19.06.2019

    In Your Own Words – Anders Dons, Nordic CEO of Deloitte and CBS Distinguished Alum 2019

    Anders Dons has no less than three full degrees from CBS, which he completed while making career in the auditing and advisory group Deloitte. Today, he is partner and CEO of Deloitte in the Nordics, father of five children, and named CBS Distinguished Alum 2019. The latter in part because of his work within sustainable growth and diversity.
  • 17.06.2019

    Responsible leadership and bridge-building: Highlights from Alumni Day 2019

    This year’s Alumni Day was filled with input on the theme “Responsible leadership of the future,” the new CBS President’s first speech to alumni, the presentation of this year’s Distinguished Alumni award, a panel debate, and last but not least many happy and engaged alumni, of whom a group of participants came all the way from the United States to celebrate their anniversary.
  • 15.05.2019

    Congratulations on handing in your thesis: you did it!

    Congratulations on handing in your thesis. Soon you will graduate and become an alum. Get a brief overview on how to get off to a good start for your job search as a soon-to-be graduate and a recent graduate from CBS.
  • 12.03.2019

    ”It means so much when a community you’re proud of is proud of you”

    CBS’ Distinguished Alum 2019 is Anders Vad Dons, Partner and Nordic CEO of Deloitte and a CBS graduate in Business Economics and Auditing. The appointment of the 52-year-old top executive is owing to his remarkable career but also his involvement in and contribution to society and the business community – personally and through Deloitte.
  • 11.03.2019

    Fighting the gender equality myth in Denmark

    On International Women’s Day, CBS in cooperation with KVINFO, introduced the innovative GenderLAB to find new solutions to gender equality problems. On 2 April, you can take part in finding the solutions at the next GenderLAB at the Nordic Gender Equality Workshops.
  • 11.03.2019

    In your own words – Per Holten-Andersen, former CBS President and forester

    A Graduate Diploma in Finance and Credit turned out to be crucial to Per Holten-Andersen when he, in 2012, became President of CBS. Now, he has passed on the torch and stepped down in exchange for the freedom to plan his own life – first and foremost in favour of his family – but also to attend to three seats on board of directors, he has been elected to, and to oversee a larger piece of forest in Oregon, USA, which he bought more than 30 years ago.