• 16.06.2020

    Recommended summer reads '20

    The summer holiday is often the time to delve deeper into something, reading or podcasts, for example. We have invited Professors Jesper Rangvid, Lucia Reisch and Mikkel Flyverbom to share their recommendations for your summer reading. Happy reading!
  • 26.03.2020

    Digitalization creates new types of tasks for public sector managers

    The ambition that digitalization should make work more efficient is not always consistent with the amount of new tasks that arise in the wake of such automation. A new research project will explore the relationship between digitalization and the emergence of invisible work and aims to develop a vocabulary to talk about this invisible work for the benefit of managers in the public sector. The results will be used in the Master of Public Governance programme, which educates and equips public sector managers for the future.
  • 26.03.2020

    Career paths of CBS alumni: Where are they today?

    In 2019, more than 3,000 master students graduated from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and in 2018 another 3,000 graduated. Here, you get an overview of how they landed their first job after graduating, their choice of field and sector, and what they consider to be the most important factors in landing their first job following graduation.
  • 19.12.2019

    Recommended Holiday reading 2019

    For many of us the holidays are the time we finally have to time to read. The CBS scholars Antonia Erz, Andreas Wieland and Melanie Lucia Feldhues bring you their recommendation for the best nine books, which you can fling yourself into for the holidays. Find both recommendations for fiction and non-fiction. Happy reading!
  • 19.12.2019

    In Your Own Words – Bastian Külzer, Co-Founder at Kader

    For Bastian Külzer, a strong network is key whether you are a student, part of the CBS Business Mentor Programme, or starting your own company in Berlin. He holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration – Management of Innovation and Business Development from CBS and has worked for several start-ups within Artificial Intelligence.
  • 29.10.2019

    Top five career podcasts

    Do you spend a lot of time with your headphones plugged into your ears when you are out and about? We have put together a list with the best career podcasts for you.
  • 20.09.2019

    Implementing a four-day workweek without wage cuts

    Gain insight into concrete tools and methods, which IIH Nordic made use of when successfully implementing a four-day workweek without wage cuts – a new way of working based on the digital agency’s wish to retain their employees by improving their quality of life.
  • 19.09.2019

    In Your Own Words – Yotvat Rieder Aviram, Worldwide Communications Manager, HP, Graphics Printing

    For Yotvat Rieder Aviram the road less travelled is often the most meaningful one. Yotvat arrived in Denmark first as a backpacker, later as an exchange student and finally as a full-time International Business student at CBS. What was meant to be a short adventure, turned into nine years in Denmark. Now, she is back in Tel Aviv but still engaged in CBS as a mentor for Master's students in the CBS Mentoring Programme.
  • 19.06.2019

    Recommended summer reads '19

    To many of us, the summer holiday is the season, where we finally have time to read books. For that reason, CBS Alumni has asked three CBS scholars to recommend summer reading which is either academic or simply just enjoyable. Take a look at what Head of department Helle Zinner, Professor Dan Käremann and PhD-fellow Thomas Burø recommend.