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Brand your company through CBS Career Centre to get in touch with future key employees. Download our brochure or contact us for more information.



Get in touch with future employees

CBS Career Centre builds bridges between CBS students and their future employer. We cooperate with companies on career-related activities to prepare students for their future career. We also make it possible for companies to brand themselves on campus and get in touch with our students.

The CBS Career Centre offers a wide range of employer branding products - our biannual Career Fair, events at CBS or at company facilities, logo exposure on CBS auditoriums, campus stalls and much more.

Contact us at careercentre@cbs.dk and download our brochure here

If you need to fill a vacancy right now, go to CBS CareerGate.

A few testimonials from our company partners


Novo Nordisk

Read what Novo Nordisk says about collaborating with Career Centre about events such as the Career Fair, Graduate Night, workshops and case competitions, and how meeting students face-to-face helps giving a better impression of a potential future employee.


See how Maersk benefits from their collaboration with Career Centre. We help them identify and get in touch with the right students and make it possible to interact with them on several levels and through countless communication channels, be it emails, banners, displays, presentations or events.



Career Centre has facilitated the recruitment process for PwC. We give advice about the preferences of their target groups, how to reach them and catch their attention.  See also how the annual GPA Report works as a recruitment tool.



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