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Kim M.

Kim Adamsen

Kim M. Adamsen holds an MSc in Business Administration and Auditing and has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing) as well as a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Organization and Management). In addition, he has followed a number of other courses and programs i.e. an executive MBA (100 growth days).

He has a huge and varied experience in practice being at the senior management level in different private companies in different roles such as manager, division manager CFO, COO and CEO. In addition, he has experience from working in the public sector. The practical experience gained from these positions in practice as well as his documented interest in continuous education of himself is a good combination for teaching as Teaching assistance professor at CBS. With a good insight into the content and theory within Financial accounting, management accounting and control.


Primære forskningsområder
  • Management control systems
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Performance Management


Link til denne hjemmeside
  • Financial- & Management Accounting, undergraduate
  • Performance Measurement in Procurement Organizations, graduate
  • Management Control Systems, graduate diploma
  • Management Accounting, graduate diploma
Udvalgte publikationer
  • Adamsen, Kim M.: Undervisningskompendium (2007); ”Ledelsens forventninger og krav til controllerens rolle”, IBC Euroforum, Copenhagen
  • Adamsen, Kim M. (2006): ”Lean og de krav det stiller til økonomifunktionens og dets controllere”, Økonomistyring & Informatik, nr. 3, december 2006; Copenhagen
  • Adamsen, Kim M. (2003):”Økonomifunktionens rolle i relation til nye ledelsesformer og økonomistyingsværktøjer”, Økonomistyring & Informatik nr. 2, oktober 2003, Copenhagen
  • Adamsen, Kim M. & Dybro, Gitte (1998): ”Sammenhængen mellem personalepolitik og økonomistyring.” Økonomistyring & informatik nr. 5, april 1998, Copenhagen

Brussels School of Governance; 2018- on going
Luxembourg School of Business; 2019- on going
Louvain School of Management; 2018-2021