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Yves Habran; Jan Mouritsen / Making Intensity of Efforts the Same : Commensuration Work in Target-setting Practices.
I: European Accounting Review, Vol. 31, Nr. 3, 7.2022, s. 603-627
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Jan Mouritsen; Isabel Pedraza-Acosta; Sof Thrane / Performance, Risk, and Overflows : When Are Multiple Management Control Practices Related?.
I: Management Accounting Research, Vol. 55, 6.2022
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
John K. Christiansen; Jan Mouritsen / Learning from the Ambiguous Past with Project Reviews
I: International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Vol. 14, Nr. 1, 2021, s. 179-204
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Yves Habran; Satoko Matsugi; Jan Mouritsen / Mediating Relations between Financial and Operational Concerns when Structural Interdependencies Are Significant : The Development of Pseudo Micro-profit Centres at Kitanihon.
I: Management Accounting Research, Vol. 53, 11.2021
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Lichen Yu; Jan Mouritsen / Accounting, Simultaneity and Relative Completeness : The Sales and Operations Planning Forecast and the Enactment of the ‘Demand Chain’.
I: Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol. 84, 7.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Brian Anthony Burfitt; Jane Baxter; Jan Mouritsen / Separating and Integrating Non-financial and Financial Measures : A Case Study of a Sporting Organization Playing the Value-in-kind (VIK) Game.
I: Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 33, Nr. 8, 2020, s. 1871-1907
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Christina Boedker; Kar Ming Chong; Jan Mouritsen / The Counter-performativity of Calculative Practices : Mobilising Rankings of Intellectual Capital.
I: Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Vol. 72, 10.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Jan Mouritsen; Kirsten Flagstad / The Making of Knowledge Society : Intellectual Capital and Paradoxes of Managing Knowledge.
I: Actor-network Theory and Organizing. red. /Barbara Czarniawska; Tor Hernes. Lund : Studentlitteratur 2020, s. 225-248
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Lise Justesen; Jan Mouritsen / Actor-network Theory and Accounting Research
I: Methodological Issues in Accounting Research: Theories and Methods. . red. /Zahirul Hoque. London : Spiramus Press 2018, s. 422-441
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Jan Mouritsen; Kim Sundtoft Hald / Developing Innovation via Tensions between Focal Firms and Suppliers : The Role of Accounting in Creating Heterarchies across Organisational Boundaries.
I: Accounting, Innovation and Inter-organisational Relationships. red. /Martin Carlsson-Wall; Håkan Håkansson; Kalle Kraus; Johnny Lind; Torkel Strömsten. New York : Routledge 2018, s. 140-156 (Routledge Studies in Accounting)
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
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