CBS minor at BSc in Business Law & Economics - International Entrepreneurial Law

Minor in International Entrepreneurial Law at BSc in Business Law and Economics at CBS




The Minor Concept

A minor gives you the opportunity of having a second specialization in your degree. This minor consists of a bundle of three electives that can be chosen separately but if chosen together will reward the full minor and a minor’s degree diploma.


The Minor in International Entrepreneurial Law provides a unique perspective on international law, legal start-up and tech law. The minor provides a 22.5-ECTS package in the fall semester at CBS jointly with the students at the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Commercial Law’s program. The minor has a specific focus on international commercial law, start-up law and legal block-chain law as well as web3. The course in International Commercial Law is a general business law course focussing on commercial transactions in a legal perspective as well as concerning commercial litigation and arbitration and choice of law for contracts and the regulation of international sales of goods. Start-up Law is a scenario-based course on various legal and adjacent strategic areas affecting a start-up business situation. The course in Legal Block-Chain Law and Web3 presents issues pertaining to block-chain as new technology as well as how it interacts with law.


The table below lists the structure and the ECTS credits of the individual courses. The course descriptions are available in the online course catalogue. Direct links are inserted in the below table.


International commercial law                                      7,5 ects


Startup law                                                               7,5 ects


Legal block-chain law and web3                                  7,5 ects



International Commercial Law           

The course has a specific business perspective on law. The course presents and discusses the legal issues concerning how to operate on the global market, including in the EU. The course consists of the legal frameworks for international contracts and international dispute settlement through arbitration and litigation. Furthermore, the course discusses how businesses comply with commercial EU law and international commercial law to enter, perform and, if necessary, enforce international commercial contracts.

Start-up Law                                                                                     

The course covers the legal areas that most start-ups will face. This is, for example, intellectual property (IP), data protection, tax or raising finance viewed in the perspective of a recent start-up founder who will need to anticipate the legal issues that may arise and be relevant for the start-up or its team members with an in-house counselling kind-of role. The course will manly apply an EU law perspective and, in some cases, a national law perspective.

Legal Block-Chain Law and Web3

The purpose of this course is to present and discuss the legal issues with data, IT and blockchain in general, such as bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, the course will provide more specific and applied areas that raise legal issues, such as smart contracts, distributed autonomous organisations, distributed finance or non-fungible tokens—each contained in the weekly modules. During the course, an EU perspective will also be applied. However, in some instances, national rules will also be applied.

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