CBS minor at MSc in Business Law & Economics – Contracts

Please note! The international minor is offered in the autumn semester

The minor consists of the following courses:


·        Contracts and Value Chain

·        Common Law and Contracts

·        Strategic Management


This minor present a unique combination of contractual theory for the contract managers in all industries and the public sector. The minor provides the students with knowledge in regard to contracts in both a legal and an economic perspective. Contracts are the foundation of all trade, development and collaboration. Through this minor, the students will be able to identify business solutions, possibilities and obstacles arising from the contract law. Students with a minor degree in Business Law and Economics – Contracts from CBS will contribute to the company or public authority with a significant insight in how to negotiate efficient national or international contracts from a market perspective.


The minor in business law and economics – Contracts consists of  22,5 ECTS courses at CBS jointly with the students at the Master of Science in business administration and commercial law program. The minor has a specific focus on strategy, contract law, and the value chain in the industry. Contracts are the core instrument in regard to the business strategy. Contracts are formed differently in different places in the value chain. The contract implements the business strategy and by combining strategy, law and value chain theory, the final contract will be a driver for the business strategy. The minor provides a unique perspective on legal possibilities and barriers in regard to the strategy in the company and enables the students to solve legal and strategic problems from a theoretical and practical perspective.


Mandatory courses


Course description


Contracts and Value Chain


The course focuses on the interplay of private governance mechanisms, public law and private law doctrine in creating a rapidly developing legal framework in which all forms of production operate. Hence, the course concerns the foundational role of contracts in forming and governing the value chain. New forms of production, such as global value chains, have utilized new technologies and ideologies of governance to extend the governance effects of contract far beyond privity. The course introduces the development of these new forms of production and how they can be governed. 


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Law and economics

Common Law and Contracts


The course provides both general and specific knowledge of common law and contracts, e.i. introduction to common law, operation of the common law, the impact of the common law on global legal systems and introduction to contract law under the common law regime.


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Strategic Management


The key elements of this course are to perform a strategic analysis. Understand the historical foundations of strategic management. Understand and apply business model analysis, market analysis, positioning, resources & capabilities, competitive advantage and strategic innovation. In the course, the students will analyze and apply competitive interactions, platform strategies, organizational structure and creativity, and evaluating novelty. The course gives an overview of the field and provides the students with the tools and insights to rigorously analyze a company’s strategy and develop one yourself.


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