Ekstern finansieringsstrategi

Our external funding strategy consists in the three key elements which CBS LAW will aim to fulfil in as much as academic resources allow.

  • Short-term commitment to create idea-generating environments, where groups of interested researchers will seek to develop ideas within a 1 to 2-year timeframe. The aim is to develop research ideas which will converge into bigger and more ambitious projects for which funding will eventually be sought. Support will be given at CBS LAW for that purpose from the Strategy Fund. This is aimed at creating long-term research milieus capable for effectively seeking funding in the competitive and increasingly interdisciplinary world.
  • A long-term commitment to seek funding through Danish sources for the projects falling within our research competence, as well as to participating in funding projects coordinated from other institutions.
  • A commitment to actively seek funding for PhD students, through projects, industrial PhD arrangements and generally building good relations with business partners.
Sidst opdateret: CBS LAW // 19/03/2021