Where can I find other people´s theses?

The newest theses are available in Student theses. It contains online theses from 2009 and onwards, which can be downloaded in pdf format. To find theses from a specific programme, please write the name of the programme in quotation marks eg. "International Marketing and Management"

In the search system Libsearch, you can search for both online available theses and older printed theses, located on the library bookshelves. Combine a search term that describes the relevant topic with the keyword “kandidatafhandlinger” and you will be presented with all available theses written by CBS students.

CBS Library receives a copy of all master & HD theses as well as some executive master theses written by CBS students.
All non-confidential theses are registered and published in full text through Student theses
Confidential theses are registered in a separate repository and are not made available.


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