Exchange Students

This category is only for students who are nominated by CBS' partner universities. Please read through the requirements for admission below before you apply

Application process

This category is only for students who are nominated by CBS’ partner universities. This means that your home university must officially nominate you to let you take ISUP courses.

It is possible to take only one course if your home university agrees to grant you an exemption to take only one course and communicates this to the ISUP secretariat.

If you are not nominated by your home university or if you need ISUP courses for other purposes (supplementary courses, etc.), please select the relevant category in the menu on your left and read more.

How to apply

  • Make sure that your home university has nominated you
  • Make sure you are applying in the right category
  • Make sure you fulfil the prerequisites stated in the course catalogue
  • Complete the online application flow MoveON. Please read the information section carefully.
    • Enter personal data
    • Select student category
    • Select courses (2 preferred/primary). We strongly encourage to choose alternative courses to each of your priority courses to increase your chances to get enrolled at the Summer University. However, choosing alternative courses is not mandatory, so do not select any if you do not want to take them.
    • Upload documents:
      • Copy of current grade transcript (in English, Swedish or Norwegian*). Print out from the university system is acceptable but it must include the name of the student and the university as well as the grades.
      • Copy of valid passport (photo page and residence permit stickers, if applicable) or EU/national identity card stating your citizenship. Please note that driver’s license is not accepted, and the documentation must be valid until the end of the application round as a minimum.
    • Submit your application. Please make sure to read the information under Submit application.

*If your transcript is not in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English, then you must upload either an authorized translation or a translation signed by your home university. Transcripts in other languages will not be assessed as part of your application.


The ISUP course offer is subject to student interest and enrolment. Due to unforeseen circumstances there might be changes to the course offer which can happen up until the beginning of the programme. Changes will be communicated without delay.

Further questions?

Further information about nomination for ISUP, please contact your home university.

Application round

17 February 2022 at 12:00 - 15 March 2022 at 23:59 CET

ISUP 2022 courses with few applicants will be cancelled before the second application round for CBS electives on 8 march 2022. Cancelled courses will be announced in start March on Courses and exams under “Bachelor level courses 2022” and “Graduate level courses 2022”.

Please note that course registration and assignment in ISUP MoveOn system is not on a first come, first served basis. However, if you want to make sure that your selected courses are not cancelled due to the low number of applicants, please apply early in the application round.


Course prerequisites

Make sure that you fulfil the prerequisites stated in the course catalogue, for the course(s) you wish to apply for, before you apply. Please note that it is your own responsibility to make sure that you fulfil the course prerequisites.

Academic recommendations

Academic level

ISUP courses are regular university courses taught in English at either undergraduate or graduate level and therefore, it is strongly recommended that only students with good academic standing apply. It is the students' own responsibility to make sure that they are able to follow the courses and pass the exams.

Level of English Proficiency

ISUP students are not required to submit any proof of English proficiency. Since all courses are taught in English and at a high academic level, it is highly recommended to have a strong command in both oral and written English, otherwise it might be difficult to follow the courses and pass the exams. The ISUP secretariat recommends all students to have an English proficiency corresponding to any of the tests and certificates listed below;

  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE): minimum result of 185
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): minimum of 185
  • IELTS Academic Test: minimum result of 7.0
  • TOEFL iBT: minimum result of 94


  • Bachelor students should choose undergraduate courses
  • Master students may also apply for undergraduate courses

Course selection

Selecting courses

  • Exchange students must choose two preferred courses unless your home university agrees to grant you an exemption to take only one course and communicates this to the ISUP secretariat.
  • Read the course descriptions in the course catalogue very carefully to make sure that you fulfil the course prerequisites.
  • To make sure there are no time conflicts between your courses, please check the course and exam timetables in the section Courses and exams.
  • Students can maximum take two courses at ISUP (max 15 ECTS) since the workload per course amounts to 206 hours (the workload for two courses is more than a full time job). Short courses (3 weeks) cannot be taken together with any other course - neither another short course nor an ordinary course (6 weeks).
  • Please note the type of exam for each course. A "home assignment/mini project" exam runs in parallel with the course and will start on the first day of teaching. The research question for the home assignment/mini project must be handed in to the course instructor for approval by the 3rd teaching week, read more under the exam section under Courses and exams. All the exams of the type "home assignment/mini project" will take place simultaneously. That means your exam submissions must be handed in on the same day and time. If you do not wish to have two simultaneous home assignments/mini projects, please choose other courses with another exam type. Neither the time nor the exam type will be changed.
  • Please note that it is not possible to switch courses once the application round is closed. We will overbook all courses in relation to the number of places in each course. So even if someone else withdraws, this will not leave a place to be filled.
  • Regarding short courses, please check the course description.

Course withdrawal

Date TBA. Deadline for withdrawing from the programme or courses for exchange students. Exchange students must contact their coordinator who will afterwards contact us.

Fees and costs

There are no tuition fees for Exchange Students as long as the student has been officially nominated by a CBS partner university

For a budget example over costs during ISUP, please check under budget/expected expenses in the fees and costs section of Application and fees.


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