Are you an ambitious, dedicated, and hard-working student with a dream of immersing yourself in the top of international business and leadership? Do you want to live and study in three different continents and be exposed to real-life business situations and international corporations? Then check out what this tri-continental talent programme offers


GLOBE – Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education

A pioneering international undergraduate business education - and much more!

GLOBE brings together talented students from Asia, North America and Europe exposing them to unique international business challenges and opportunities. Apart from high academic standards, the students develop their global mindset, learn how to cope with different cultures and create life-long friendships.

The talent- and exchange programme is collaboration between Copenhagen Business School, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, CUHK, and Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina, UNC, offering a unique, global business curriculum to prepare undergraduate students for a future career as global managers.

Each partner university selects 18 promising students forming the diverse and ambitious GLOBE team of 54 students from three different continents. The students spend three semesters traveling and studying together at all three universities, thus acting both as hosts and visitors. The programme begins in the second year of the International Business programme at UNC, Chapell Hill, North Carolina (autumn semester), moving on to CUHK, Hong Kong in the spring semester and on to CBS in the next autumn semester. Afterward, students return to their own universities.

The students gain unique cultural insights and academic experience by studying and living in three different continents, where each school offers classes that reflect upon relevant business aspects in its continent:

  • UNC: Entrepreneurial ventures and dynamic startup environment
  • CUHK: Asian business, finance and Chinese marketing
  • CBS: Financial institutions and corporate integration with the EU
The GLOBE experience

The undergraduate international business opportunity of a lifetime

Oliver Folkmann, GLOBE Student 2013, Copenhagen Business School '14
"Traveling the world with the GLOBE cohort was a truly unique experience that completely changed the trajectory of my life and career. The programme allowed us to interact with ambitious students, professors and business professionals from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, which, in turn, led to strong friendships and networks that span all the way from Asia to South America. From the beginning, we were virtually put right in the centre of globalization and were left with an eager to be a part of changing its ramifications for business conduct."

Maibritt Hansen, GLOBE Student 2009, Copenhagen Business School '10
“GLOBE begins at the end of your comfort zone. With the acceptance to the GLOBE programme, you are given a passport to a secret world you never want to leave. Simply put – once you go GLOBE, you never go back. I entered the world in the summer of 2008 together with a cohort of 45 extraordinary and eager GLOBE students expecting to go on a 1.5 year journey. GLOBE is no such thing. GLOBE is a life long journey of stretching yourself to the limit. You will become flexible in ways you never imagined from stretching your comfort zone in and outside the class room. Inside the class room and on study trips you will be challenged in experiencing new teaching styles while developing deep insights into the workings of some of the world’s most influential markets, US and China. Outside the class room you will develop a network which will not only give you a flavor for the best karaoke in Hong Kong, the greasiest BBQ in Chapel Hill, but also a friend in need when cramming for exams and a friend to visit once the program is over. Officially, my GLOBE journey ended 4 years ago. Unofficially I still hold the passport by staying in contact with my fellow GLOBErs through travels to New York, Dallas, Brussels…”

James Boyd, GLOBE Student 2007, UNC Chapel Hill ‘08
"Exposing all participants to intercultural challenges and international learning experiences, the GLOBE programme constitutes an incredible adventure. From the 42nd floor Jazz-Club at Park Hyatt in Tokyo, to shag-dancing and barbecuing at the Bobbits in Raleigh. From talking about networking to having a personal network spanning three continents and dozens of countries. From long drinks to short calls. GLOBE was an extraordinary learning experience for everyone involved."

GLOBE study trips

GLOBE students are globetrotting across the world

The GLOBE programme offers two study trips at each continent to create the best international and real-life learning experiences for the team. The destinations vary every year but the purpose remains: to expose the students to governmental, corporate and cultural aspects of each continent while tying the group closer together across the universities.

While at CBS, the GLOBE teams have visited places like Berlin, London, Strasbourg and Brussels to show them what they read about in class. Ashley Colette Groves, a GLOBE II student from UNC, shared her thoughts on the study trip to Brussels and Strasbourg: “The study trips really showed us, how individual companies were dealing with integration policies. Visiting companies let us see, what we read in the book in real life. I really liked Brussels, because it was a truly international city and the heart of most European legislation.”

During the semester at CUHK, GLOBE teams have traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Tokyo, Indonesia and Singapore, where the students are exposed to Asian culture and -business conduct. From corporate visits at large banks to cultural sights at local temples to having cocktails on the 80th floor of a rooftop bar – the GLOBE team truly inhales the business life of Asia.   

At UNC the GLOBE teams have explored Washington DC, New York City, Charlotte and the Raleigh Underground. There is an emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit and liberal mentality of the American business life. The students get to interact with influential business managers as well as entrepreneurial undergrads when taking in the American experience.


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