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Due to the contagious development of COVID-19 in Denmark, CBS has changed how activities are assessed in the overall assessment - see "COVID-19 and documentation for activities" further down



Applications to CBS are made online via and the application round opens on 1st February. 

CBS only has an application round and study start once a year.

NB: All deadlines are at 12 noon (CET) on the given day. 

Qualifying exam Application deadline Deadline for documentation finished before 1 Jan. Deadline for documentation finished after 1 Jan. until 12 March 2020
International upper secondary exam 22 March 22 March 5 July

Danish upper secondary exam

Quota 2

22 March 22 March 5 July

Danish upper secondary exam

Quota 1

5 July 5 July 5 July

 *Applicants graduating from their upper secondary education in 2020, may take a supplementary mathematics course during the summer. You can read about the deadlines here under the section "Alternative fulfilment of Mathematcs B".


Applicants who require a student residence permit to study in Denmark

  • Application deadline is 22 March, 12 noon
  • Application Fee must be paid by 22 March, 12 noon
  • All documentation must be uploaded to no later than 22 March 12 noon
  • The application fee must be received by the CBS Admissions Office no later than 22 March
  • All TOEFL / IELTS tests must have been taken and passed by 1 May
  • Date you can expect an answer: 15 May

Admission area numbers

The admission area numbers for the bachelor (undergraduate) programmes in English at CBS are listed below. Please note that some programmes require that you choose a concentration of study (studieretning). If this is the case for you, you may only choose one of the options listed.

To easily find CBS programmes at, enter the admission area number in the search field under the tab "Choice of study programme".

Admission area numbers
admission area number programme Line of study
13055 BSc in Business, Langauge & Culture
Choose between:
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
13060 BSc in International Business  
13070 BSc in International Business & Politics  
13075 BSc in Business Administration & Sociology  
13080 BSc in Business Adninstration & Service Management

Choose between:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Innovation & Service
13085 BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture - International Business in Asia - Japanese  
13090 BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture - International Business in Asia - Chinese  
13280 BSc in International Shipping and Trade  
13100 BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management  

Your application at

Applications to CBS can only be made online through A more detailed guideline in English can be found in their User Guide, but just to get you started, here is a quick summary.

How can I find CBS when filling out an online application?
Once you have logged into your personal application, you will need to go to the 3rd tab called ‘Choice of education programme’. Click on the link called ‘Show more options’ and in the text box called ‘Find’ type in ‘Copenhagen Business School’. All the degrees programmes at CBS that are taught in English will now be listed.

What do I need to remember to ensure that my application has been correctly submitted?
Once you have filled in and saved all the relevant information and documentation to date in your online application, you will need to send the signature page to us. Please note:

  • The signature page will pop up as a PDF-file once you have clicked ‘approve’ for an application
  • You will need to send one signature page per choice of application. So if, for example, you wish to apply for 3 degrees programmes at CBS, you will need to send us 3 signature pages
  • The signature page has to have been received by us at the very latest by the deadline of 22 March 12 noon
  • Please send the signature page as a scanned PDF-file by the very latest 22 March 12 noon to We prefer to receive the signature page by e-mail. Signature pages must be sent from the email address registered to the application at
  • You can also send the signature page to, Copenhagen Business School, Solbjerg Plads 3, Att.: Admission Office, 2000 Frederiksberg, DK-Denmark. Note that the signature page sent by regular mail must be postmarked 21 March at the very latest.
  • Your application will not be considered as fully submitted unless we have received the signature page on time
  • You can edit your application online right up until you have sent the signature page
  • Once we have received and registered your signature page, you can no longer edit your online application
  • You can, however, change the order of priority in your application after having submitted the relevant signature pages right up until the deadline of 5 July 12 noon
  • You are also able to attach any extra documentation (for activities completed after 22 March 2020) up until the deadline of 5 July 12 noon
  • If you decide to delete an application for which you have already sent the signature page, and then later regret this, you will need to re-apply and send a new signature page, but within the deadlines.
Agencies and Third Parties
We have noticed a trend in recent years at CBS for third parties, in particular agencies, applying on behalf of applicants.

Please be aware that CBS does NOT have any agreements or cooperation policies with any third parties as regards applying to the Bachelor programmes. We expect our applicants to research and apply for the programmes themselves.

It is our past experience that agencies who act on behalf of applicants have sent signature pages after the deadline and have sent signature pages to the wrong institution. Cases like these can have serious consequences which can possibly result in an application not being processed as we have an obligation to treat all applicants equally and stick to the deadlines in the interest of fairness.

It is very important that applicants are aware that:
  • Signature pages sent by email MUST be sent from the applicant's email address registered at Signature pages sent from any other email address without power of attorney (see below) will be considered invalid.
  • Signature pages MUST be signed by the applicant only. If they are signed by anyone else without power of attorney (see below), they are invalid.



You must upload documentation for everything you wish to be used in the assessment of your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that all documentation uploaded is correct and legible. 

All documentation must be uploaded to your application at We do NOT accept any kind of documentation sent by e-mail or regular post.
NOTE: because of CORVID-19 CBS has changed the date for when activities are taken into consideration. Please see "COVID-19 and documentation for activities" further down.

Please note: all fraudulent documentation will be reported to the relevant authorities, such as the police.

Documentation Checklist

Use the check list below to ensure that you have uploaded the correct documentation to your application at

  • Your upper secondary school exam certificate: We must have your final certificates by the given deadline. Check your country under Step 1 for more information.
  • Applicants with a non-EU/EEA educational background: Documentation showing that you have the correct level of education to fulfil the general and specific entry requirements (including courses descriptions where relevant). Please check Step 1 for more information about achieving the correct level.
  • Supplementary courses: Upload your final certificate(s) for any supplementary courses or tests you may have taken.
  • Residence permit/receipt for Application Fee: For non-EU/-EEA/-Swiss citizens only. For further information please refer to the section on ‘Application Fees’ below.
  • Nationality: You must upload a copy of your passport, which clearly indicates your nationality, when you apply. If you have dual nationality, then you must upload copies of both passports.
  • For any activities that were completed before 1 January: you must upload any documentation to your application under ‘attachments’ by 22 March 12 noon at the very latest.
  • For any activities that were completed after 1 January: you must upload any documentation to your application under ‘attachments’ by 5 July 12 noon at the very latest.
  • Motivational Essay: Applicants in Quota 2 applying to certain programmes, all applicants with a non-EU/-EEA/-Swiss educational background, all dispensee applicants and all Quota 3 applicants must upload their motivational essay(s) (see Step 2 for more information).
  • Translation: If you have documents that are not in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French or German, then you must upload a translation as well as a scan of the originals. Documents that are not in one of the above languages will not be assessed as part of your application.
  • Miscellaneous: it is your responsibility to upload documentation for any other activities / parts of your application that you wish to have taken into consideration.

NB: You must also remember to carefully read the receipt information in connection with your application to in order to double check whether or not you need to upload any extra documentation.

Re-takes due to illness

If you have been ill for your final Upper Secondary School exam and will finish it in August instead, you are to upload documentation for this before 5 July 12 noon, and we will assess your application when the results are available.

The final day for sending the diploma is 15th September, 12:00 noon.

Final certificates after 5 July

If you get your final dilpoma after 5th July, you have untill 10th July, 12:00 noon, to upload the diploma to After this date we do not accept diplomas and they will not be processed.

If you are finishing this year and get your diploma after 10th July, you have to wait till next application year to apply.
COVID-19 and documentation for activities
In 2020 will activities only be taken into consideration until 12th March, because of the COVID-19.  Documentation for activities can, however, be uploaded to until 5th July, 12 noon. 

The decision has been made to ensure that the overall assessment will be as fair as possible for all applicants. 


Special rules and exceptions

The following section outlines rules and exceptions.

  • ‘Rules’ outlines the specific rules for CBS as an institution, along with which rules are applicable in terms of application fees and tuition fees.
  • ‘Exceptions’ outlines dispensation cases.



Acceptance to a bachelor degree programme is regulated by Decree of Entry to Bachelor Degree Programmes at University Level: Bekendtgørelse om adgang til bacheloruddannelser ved universiteterne (bachelorbekendtgørelsen).

In terms of applicants from non-EU/-EA/-Swiss countries especially, the Universitetslov (The University Act) and Bekendtgørelse om tilskud og revision m.v. ved universiteterne (The Decree of Grants and Audits etc. for Universities) is used as the regulations surrounding application fees and tuition fees.

As a public institution, we follow the rules as laid out by Forvaltningsloven (The Administration Act) and Persondataloven (Personal Data Act).

You can find the Decrees and Laws mentioned above at (in Danish).

Application fees
Who needs to pay an application fee?
All non-EU/-EEA/-Swiss citizens must pay the application fee.

The following non-EU/-EEA/-Swiss citizens are exempt from paying the application fee if you have:

  • Permanent residence permit in Denmark (“permanent opholdstilladelse”)
  • Residence permit in Denmark with a view to for permanent residence in Denmark (“opholdstilladelse med mulighed for varigt ophold”)
  • Residence permit in Denmark in accordance with the EU/EEA Order (“opholdstilladelse jævnfør EF/EØS-bekendtgørelsen”)
  • Permanent residence permit in another Nordic country (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland or the Faroe Islands); please be aware that CBS Admissions will base the final decision on the actual residence permit
  • A Danish upper secondary school leaving exam (stx, hhx, htx, hf, gif, eux)
  • An upper secondary school leaving exam done at Duborgskolen, AP Møller skolen, Greenland or the Faroe Islands
  • An upper secondary school leaving exam, which takes place at a Danish public institution of education, is approved by the minister of education and receives public funding according to "§ 1, stk. 3 og § 33 i LBK nr. 750 af 21/06/2016 om institutioner for almengymnasiale uddannelser og almen voksenuddannelse m.v."

Who does not need to pay the application fee?
EU citizens and citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland do not have to pay the application fee.

The application fee is 100 Euros (or 750 Danish Kroner) per applicant, per application year. Your application will not be assessed until the Admissions Office has established that the application fee has been paid.

The application fee is payable ONLY by credit card transfer via CBS' Webshop. Select the product "Application fee for full time bachelor and graduate programmes" in the left-hand menu and add it to your shopping cart.

In order to complete your order, you will need to register as a user for the CBS Webshop. When you register, make sure that your first name and last name (i.e. the name of the person applying to CBS) are written exactly the same way as in your application at You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your payment has been approved. You must upload a copy of this confirmation email to your application to help us identify your payment.

You can read step-by-step information on how to make a purchase in the CBS Webshop in the following document: CBS Guide to Paying the Application Fee

The application fee is reimbursed if you are accepted to and start at one of the programmes applied for (i.e. you are offered a study spot and are registered as an active student by 1 October).

The application fee can only be reimbursed on condition that the credit/debit card you used to pay the fee is still valid, and that you open a Danish bank account after moving to Denmark. The application fee will not be reimbursed under any other circumstances. The reimbursement of the application fee takes place between 1 October and 31 December. NB: a service fee might be retained by the bank(s) processing the reimbursement.

Tuition fees

Please note: We do not offer any scholarships for undergraduate degree programmes. Scholarships are ONLY available at the graduate level.

Who needs to pay tuition fees?
All non-EU/-EEA/-Swiss citizens must pay tuition fees.

The following non-EU/-EEA/-Swiss citizens are exempt from paying the application fee if you have:

  • Permanent residence permit in Denmark (“permanent opholdstilladelse”)
  • Residence permit in Denmark with a view to for permanent residence in Denmark (“opholdstilladelse med mulighed for varigt ophold”)
  • Residence permit in Denmark in accordance with the EU/EEA Order (“opholdstilladelse jævnfør EF/EØS-bekendtgørelsen”)
  • Residence permit in Denmark as an accompanying child (“medfølgende barn”). Please be aware that holders of this residence permit are still required to pay the application fee
  • Permanent residence permit in another Nordic country (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland or the Faroe Islands); please be aware that CBS Admissions will base the final decision on the actual residence permit
  • Specific residence permits in the other Nordic countries may grant you an exemption, for example, the "PUT" in Sweden. Please contact the to find out which documents you should submit.

Depending on the exact wording, other residence permits may grant you an exemption. Nevertheless, having a student visa does not, under any circumstances, exempt you from paying tuition fees. Please contact the Admissions Office for further information.

If you have one of the above residence permits: 
It is very important that you upload documentation to prove it. The CBS Admissions Office will, on the basis of the documentation provided in your application, assess whether or not you may be exempt from paying tuition fees. We accept the following documentation:

  • Certified copy of your residence permit letter from the Immigration Services
  • Certified copy of your residence permit card
  • Certified copy of the page in your passport giving your residence permit.

Based on the documentation you upload, CBS Admissions will grant (or deny) you an exemption. Please note that you may still be required to pay the application fee.

If you are currently in the process of applying for one of the above residence permits, you should document this, as we may then prolong the deadline for receiving the permit or paying tuition fees.

How much and where should this be paid?

  • The tuition fee for students enrolling in any full-time bachelor programme at CBS is EURO 5,600 per semester (EURO 11,200 per year).
  • If the tuition fee is paid from a Danish bank and you choose to pay in Danish kroner, the tuition fee is DKK 42,000 per semester (DKK 84,000 per year).
  • The tuition fee must be paid per semester. 
  • The payment cannot be split up in several installments.
  • The tuition fee can only be paid by bank transfer.
  • The tuition fee cannot be paid by credit or debit card.
  • You will receive an invoice with details about how to pay the tuition fee via email.

If you are offered a place at CBS, you must pay the tuition fee for the first semester by the deadline given in your letter of acceptance.

Please note that we will initiate the residence permit application process only after the tuition fee is cleared in our account.

CBS Admissions will send you invoices for the subsequent semesters before the beginning of each semester (i.e. before 1 February and 1 September).

Can I get the money back?
It is only possible to have the tuition fee reimbursed in the following cases:

  • if you are conditionally accepted at the programme and do not, against expectations, fulfil the requirements stated.
  • if you have paid for the coming semester, but withdraw from the programme before the semester starts, the tuition fee for the coming semester will be reimbursed. The tuition fee cannot be reimbursed if you withdraw from the programme after semester start (i.e. 1 September and 1 February).
  • if you, after having paid the tuition fee, obtain a residence permit exempting you from paying the tuition fee. In this case, the validity date of the permit, and not the date when the permit was issued, is of importance. e.g.: if the residence permit is valid beginning 31 August or earlier, then the tuition fee for the autumn semester will be refunded; if the residence permit is valid beginning with a date between 1 September and 31 January, then the tuition fee for the autumn semester cannot be reimbursed.

The tuition fee is automatically reimbursed to the account from which it was paid. If you close the account after applying/moving to Denmark, or if you have not paid the fee from a bank account, the automatic reimbursement cannot take place. NB: a service fee might be retained by the bank(s) processing the reimbursement.

Student Loan and External Scholarship Agreements from outside the EU
It is important to be aware of the following if you are planning to fund your studies using a loan or a scholarship from your home country.

Loans, External Scholarships and the ST1 (student residence permit): Look carefully into the timing of the loan or scholarship being offered. If you are using part of the loan or scholarship to pay tuition fees, make sure that you will receive the money and can pay the fees before the tuition fee deadline (the first deadline is usually a month after you have received your acceptance letter). We are not able to start the student residence permit application with the immigration authorities until we have received the tuition fees for your first semester at CBS.

Loan Agreements between external organisations and CBS: CBS is a big institution with a few different bodies offering study programmes that are independent of one another within CBS. If the loan company you are considering states that they have an agreement with CBS, it is important to look into where this agreement is. For example, the Sallie Mae loans from the US have an agreement with the MBA programmes at CBS. The MBA programmes are administered separately and in a different way from the full-degree bachelor and graduate programmes at CBS. We are therefore not able to accept certain loans (such as Sallie Mae) for the bachelor and graduate programmes at CBS.

US Federal Loans: We are able to accept US Federal Loans at the bachelor and graduate programmes at CBS. These loans are administered in an office separate to the admissions offices. They are only paid out twice a year after semester start (i.e. not before 1st September or 1st February). If you use the US Federal Loan to fund your studies, you may need to find an alternative way to pay your initial tuition fees, so that you can pay by the deadline and we can start the student residence permit process.

Student residence permit

When you have paid the tuition fees, the Admissions Office will start the student residence permit application process.

This means that we fill in our part of the application form, confirming that you will be a student at CBS, and send you login details to complete the application. You are then to fill in your part of the application form according to the instructions given and hand it in at the nearest Danish representation.

The application is processed by the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment. The agency will require you to pay a fee as part of handing in the application form; in some cases the Danish representation will also require you to pay a local fee. When the necessary fees have been paid and all documentation is available, the agency will process your application for a student residence permit, which will normally take up to six weeks. CBS receives a copy of the student residence permit letter direct from the agency.

The student residence permit is normally given with a validity date from 1 August; the permit is normally, if certain conditions are fulfilled, given for the prescribed duration of your studies plus six months. 

It is a condition for the residence permit that you are active and enrolled in the study programme for which the permit is given. If this is not the case, the agency can revoke your residence permit. CBS Admissions Office is obliged to inform the agency if you are not actively following the study programme.

Power of attorney
If you are travelling during, or after, the application deadline, you may give power of attorney to another person, so that they can receive and give information on your behalf. At, you can find a form for giving power of attorney to somebody else, and you are asked to fill out this form and upload it to A power of attorney form must be uploaded by 5 July, 12 noon at the very latest.

Please note: that as a public institution, we have a code of confidentiality that means that without a power of attorney, we are not able to give your personal information to anybody else. This includes any parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc who may contact us. We deal with a lot of personal and sensitive information, and nothing will be disclosed to anybody except the person concerned, or a person with power of attorney from the person concerned.


Exemptions - Dispensation

You can apply for a dispensation to be exempted from a particular rule, if you believe there are special circumstances in your case that have affected your situation with regards to the rule. A dispensation is always individually assessed on a case by case basis and never sets a precedent.

Remember: your personal and specific situation is always used as the starting point in the assessment of every application for dispensation and the list below is, therefore, merely a guide.

The deadline for applications for exemption is 22 March 12:00 (CET). Answers to applications are given no later than 28 July.

Fulfilment of entry requirements
To be accepted to an undergraduate programme, you must fulfil all the entry requirements for the programme, including the specific entry requirements and grade requirements.

If you do not fulfil the English, French, German or Spanish language requirement for a programme, but believe you have a sufficient level, you can take a language test. See the appropriate tests under alternative ways to fulfil...

You can apply for recognition of academic qualifications if you have obtained similar qualifications through an education, a course or similar. You apply for our recognition that your qualifications correspond to the academic level we require. We provide recognition of academic qualifications based on specific activities you can document.

Good grades in the same lower-level subjects, or relevant high-level subjects that are not part of the entry requirements, are not sufficient. If you have been prevented from taking one or more subjects due to unusual circumstances, we cannot exempt you from the entry requirements.

If you receive recgnition of academic qualifications, please note that this only applies to CBS, and only in 2020.

CBS Admission does not use other universities' recognition of academic qualifications in our assessment.

The deadline for applying for recognition of academic qualifications is 22 March 12:00 (CET).

Please note that you will not receive an individual response to your application for recognition of academic qualifications. If the application cannot be accepted, you will receive a letter regarding non-fulfillment of specific entry requirements no later than 28 July.

CBS Admission rarely gives recognition of academic qualifications!

PDF iconThe form for recognition of academic qualifications

Application- and documentationdeadlines
Applying after the deadline
If your application at is not completed by 12 noon on the deadline day at the very latest, your application will not be taken into consideration. By completed, we mean that:

  1. Applicants with a Danish CPR number have signed and approved their application using NemID via
  2. Applicants without a Danish CPR number have printed, signed, scanned and email the relevant signatures pages to

It is extremely rare that dispensation for applying after the deadline is granted.

Submitting documentation after deadline
Your application will not be processed until all the correct documentation has been uploaded to your application at, within the given deadline for documentation. If you wish to apply to submit documentation after the 5 July, then you must be able to outline special circumstances as to why you are unable to provide documentation before the given deadline. It is very seldom that such a dispensation is granted. 

You can apply for this kind of exemption till 5th July, 12:00 noon (CET)

The Master's rule

If you already have a Master’s degree, whether Danish or international, you can only be accepted to a bachelor programme if there are places available. As CBS has many more applicants than study spaces, you will need to apply for excemption from this rule, should these circumstances apply to your case.
In your application, you should clearly outline why you wish to change your field of studies, and why you do not wish to use your previously completed Master’s degree. You will also need to explain what you wish to achieve with your new bachelor degree. Exemption is rarely granted.

You can read more about the rules and regulations governing admission to bachelor programmes in Denmark here: bacheloradgangsbekendtgørelsen §2 (available in Danish only).


How to apply for dispensation

If you wish to apply for dispensation from one or more rules at CBS, you will need to:

  • Fill out the following PDF iconExemption form
  • Upload the form and if relevant documentation to your application at Please call it 'Application for exemption'.
  • Also send an email to and notify us that your application for exemption can be retrieved from

The deadline for applying is 22 March 12:00 noon (CET).

Answers to applications are given no later than 28 July.

You can find information concerning answer from CBS, here: Answer


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