Collaboration with the podcast series Rig på Viden

We are pleased to announce that we at the Center for Corporate Governance have started a collaboration with the podcast “Rig på Viden”.

Rig på Viden

The podcast series "Rig på Viden" will start a new series of podcasts about our research project Nordic Finance & the Good Society. The goal of the collaboration is to communicate research articles in an easy-to-understand podcast format.

“Rig på Viden” records podcasts with several researchers from the research project, including Niels Westergård-Nielsen, Tom Kirchmaier, Jonas Hedman, Lars Christensen and Lars Ohnemus.  

The first podcast will be released on Tuesday! We are looking forward to the collaboration with the talented team behind the podcast: André Thormann, Henrik Rasmussen, Benjamin Haubye Zumofen.  


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