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GRC - Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

The area of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) has changed significantly over the past decade and will continue to challenge various industries in the future. Issues of money laundering, financial crimes, and corruption at both national and firm level, are creating societal and business challenges, which need to be addressed. New risk profiles, rapidly changing regulatory standards, and global competition force industries to change the way they think about the future and provide new opportunities to become better and more efficient. 

In this environment, staff members will need to have the right competencies in order to successfully manage the strategic shifts. Otherwise, their future employability will be rather limited. In this context, many of the current staff members are experiencing a knowledge and educational gap when it comes to the issues, and that gap needs to be addressed and filled. Fundamentally, it requires a complete rethinking of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) issues which have been handled frequently in a reactive way to be an integrated and pro-active part of all business processes.

Center for Corporate Governance (CCG) has been encouraged to come up with a program that will be a valuable contribution to industries, both through research and education. The above mentioned issues, which are here to stay, and the challenges they present to companies should be the focus of the new program.

The project is sponsored by Plesner, Nordea and Danske Bank.

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