To establish a strong research foundation for this new project, the angle of Anti-Money laundering (AML) will be the first research focus. The topic fits well within the concept of risk management and compliance and has a strong interest within the financial sector. In Denmark alone, there have been big scandals involving major financial institutions and money laundering which demonstrates the need to further research on how to identify and predict criminal behavior in financial sectors.

The entire area of anti-money laundering has emerged as pivotal point for all stakeholders, including boards of directors, politicians, shareholders and regulators. The Nordic model is, to a large degree, based on trust, which is now being challenged when is faced with global reality. Frequently, the response has been more regulations, which is increasingly becoming a major cost burden for entire sectors, while the police cannot handle the potential inflow of AML reports from the banks and the entire area is, from an academic perspective, yet only peripherally researched. The Nordic and in particular the Danish research is no exception to this observation.

However, Anti-Money Laundering is not the only research focus for this project. Currently, we are in the process of adding new researchers, who are interested in joining the team,  and identifying with them new and potential research topics within the area of Governance,Risk Management and Compliance.

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