Top 5 journals at CBS

Below you will find a list of the top 5 most read journals at CBS in 2022. Perhaps your personal favorite is one of them? Check out what the journals are all about and find inspiration for future reading experiences.


Forsider fra tidsskrifter

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CBS Library subscribes to a long list of journals that cover core CBS research areas and teaching activities. The majority of the journals are digital and are available for browsing and searching via Libsearch or dedicated publisher databases.

In Libsearch it is easy to see which journals are available from the library. Simply click ’Find journals’ in the top menu and type in the journal title. Most journals provide an alert or similar option to stay abreast of new contents.


Harvard Business Review

The most popular journal in 2022 by a long shot was Harvard Business Review. The journal is published by Harvard Business School Publishing and is a leading voice within the field of management. The ambition is to provide the business community with new insights, best practices, etc. to help leaders lead themselves and their organizations more effectively. As the projected audience is not necessarily researchers, HBR articles are easy to read and not overly academic. HBR is not a peer-reviewed journal.
Fun fact: Harvard Business Review was first launched in 1922, which coincides with the inauguration of CBS Library in that same year.

Issues per year: 6
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American Journal of Sociology

This journal was first published in 1895 and is the first American scholarly publication in the field of sociology. The main focus is on theory and innovative methodology. AJS´ primary audience are generalists and it accepts contributions from all branches of the social sciences.

Issues per year: 6 (last four years not available)
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Strategic Management Journal

SMJ is published by the Strategic Management Society and appeared in 1980 for the first time. The journal aims to be a communications hub that works to promote the understanding of strategic management. SMJ zooms in on topics that are relevant to the performance of business communities and non-profit organizations through articles on leadership, organizational structures, entrepreneurship, ways and means to understand planning and strategic decision making, etc.

Issues per year: 13
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The Academy of Management Review

The American Academy of Management (AOM) is behind a whole suite of journals, including AMR that was first published in 1976. It is one of the top journals in the field of management. The purpose of AMR is to disseminate theoretical insights to further our understanding of management and organizations. The journal accepts contributions from scholars that work with theory development and challenges existing theories. AMR articles have found their way into economics, psychology, sociology, humanities, etc.

Issues per year: 4
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MIT Sloan Management Review

This journal first appeared in 1959 as Industrial Management Review and is published by MIT Sloan School of Management. 2001 saw the name change to MIT Sloan Management Review. The journal explores how leadership and management change in a world that changes, and how to meet the technological, societal, and environmental challenges head-on in the ways that organizations operate, compete, and create value.

Issues per year: 4
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