Newspapers from all over the world

Read today´s newspaper online in Library PressDisplay or search the newspaper archives in Factiva or Infomedia.


Sammenfoldet avis

CBS Library offers access to a selection of newspaper databases that allow you to tab into current affairs across the globe as well as explore older news resources from the database archives.

Danish newspapers

The database Infomedia is the hub of Danish newspapers. It comprises all Danish dailies as well as a wide range of periodicals, local papers, etc. The default search window in Infomedia covers the last 30 days. If you are looking for more remote articles you need to change this window.

Coverage varies across newspapers and it is a good idea to always check ”Kildeinfo” (source info) to ascertain if the year you are after is at all available from the Infomedia archive.

If your primary interest is the newspaper Børsen, you may want to go straight to the website which is also available through a CBS Library license.

International newspapers

Library PressDisplay allows you to explore world news one year back. The database displays newspapers and magazines as they appeared in print which means that you can leaf through entire publications.

You can also subscribe to RSS feeds and have your favourite newspapers delivered directly to your inbox.

Factiva is another big international news database. Coverage is generally more comprehensive than Library PressDisplay but varies across sources.
Search across sources or select newspapers from specific geographies, industries or subjects.

The database allows for very efficient business news searches, based on stock prices for instance, and offers a dedicated companies and markets module.

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