Courses: Perfect bibliographies

CBS Library hosts several Mendeley courses the rest of the semester. Mendeley is a reference tool that helps you keep track of all the literature you use in your assignments. You can insert in-text citation in your text and create a complete bibliography in the style you want.


Kursus i Mendeley - få styr på dine referencer

Why use a reference tool?

We really recommend that you start using Mendeley to keep track of all the references and sources you use in your assignments. So, start now if you have never used a system to keep track of your references.
When you search for literature, you can send references directly to your own database. You avoid having to repeat searches and do not have to remember titles of books and articles. You can even save pdf files in the system.

The big advantage, however, is that you can insert in-text citations correctly in your texts and generate complete bibliography.

Content of the courses

The courses are 2-hour workshops with exercises. During the course, you will be able to test system features and get assistance as you do so. We will go through the main features of the reference management system and show you how to use it in practice.

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a reference management system that allows you to collect the sources you use and cite your references as you write.

Mendeley is also a social network where thousands of researchers share their research, and you can easily follow topics and researchers and even join the discussions.

You can access your Mendeley library online, offline and via dedicated app.

Access to CBS’ license version

As a CBS student or employee, you have access to the Mendeley license version, which offers more options than the free version.
The subscription version of Mendeley is available to CBS students and staff only and offers enhanced functions. To access this version please sign in using your CBS e-mail address (you do not need to use your official CBS password)

Need help?

If you have questions regarding please contact CBS Library reference management group Joshua Kragh Bruhn, Liselotte Brandstrup, Mette Bechmann, and Liv Bjerge Laursen at Or take a look at the Mendeley LibGuide.


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