To use WI-FI at CBS you need to be affiliated with an EDUROAM institution and your laptop prepared for the EDUROAM network. Eduroam is an international collaboration between educational institutions all over the world and provides secure and encrypted wireless access. Eduroam requires modifications in your computer settings.

CBS students can find instructions on

Students from other universities can normally find instructions by searching for Eduroam on the home university webpage.
Check if your home university is an EDUROAM member.

Links to guides at selected universities:

Eduroam at RUC
Eduroam at KU 
Eduroam at AAU


CBS-GUEST is a wireless network for visitors at CBS who do not have a CBS account. As a CBS-student you cannot create a guest account. Guests at CBS can create a guest account valid for one day via a self-service portal.
See how to create a guest account

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