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Kontor: KIL/14.A-2.41
E-mail: hs.si@cbs.dk

My  research interests cover industrial dynamics, organizational evolution, regional innovation systems and economic globalization from the perspectives of 1) International Business, 2) Economic geography and 3) Evolutionary economics. My empirical interests cover particularly the  maritime cluster (including such industries as short-sea and international shipping, the port sector, maritime business services, maritime industry (including shipbuilding) and the offshore energy sector (particularly oil and gas extraction)

Primære forskningsområder
  • The economic geography of global industries with an application to maritime industries
  • The configuration of value-creating activities in global industries with an application to the maritime industries
  • Organizational evolution in firms and markets
  • Networks and inter-firm linkages in the evolution of industries
  • Developments and dynamics in the international shipping industry and the broader maritime sector
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  • M.Sc. (Cand.merc.) elective course "Developments in international shipping" (part of Minor in Maritime Business)
  • HD Diploma course "International Shipping"
  • MBA Exchange course "Maritime Shipping"
  • Mainly M.Sc. degree theses and PhD degree theses
Andre undervisningsaktiviteter

Academic Director of the M.Sc. program in Economics and Business Administration (Cand.merc.) and chairman of its study board

Udvalgte publikationer
  • Sornn-Friese, Henrik and Carsten Ørts Hansen (2012). Landlubbers and Seadogs. The Case of Labour Mobility in the Danish Maritime Sector in a Time of Accelerating Globalisation . Copenhagen: CBS Press and NFS.
  • Henrik Sornn-Friese, René Taudal Poulsen and Martin Jes Iversen (2012). ”Knowing the Ropes”: Capability Reconfiguration and Restructuring of the Danish Shipping Industry. In Stig Tenold, Martin Jes Iversen and Even Lange (red.), Global Shipping in Small Nations. Nordic Experiences after 1960. London: Palgrave Macmillam.
  • René Taudal Poulsen and Henrik Sornn-Friese (2011). Downfall Delayed. Danish Shipbuilding and Industrial Dislocation. Business History, 53(4): 557-582.
  • Henrik Sornn-Friese and Martin Jes Iversen (2011). Incentives, Capability and Opportunity. Exploring the Sources of Danish Maritime Leadership. International Journal of Maritime History, 23(1): 193-220.
  • Henrik Sornn-Friese (2005): Interfirm Linkages and the Structure and Evolution of the Danish Trucking Industry. Transportation Journal, vol. 44, No. 4: 10-26.
Publikationer sorteret efter:
Peter de Langen; Henrik Sornn-Friese / Ports and the Circular Economy
I: Green Ports: Inland and Seaside Sustainable Transportation Strategies. . red. /Rickard Bergqvist; Jason Monios. Amsterdam : Elsevier 2019, s. 85-108
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
René Taudal Poulsen; Stefano Ponte; Henrik Sornn-Friese / Environmental Upgrading in Global Value Chains : The Potential and Limitations of Ports in the Greening of Maritime Transport.
I: Geoforum, Vol. 89, 2.2018, s. 83-95
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Leonardo Santiago; Arundhati Srinivasan; Henrik Sornn-Friese / Governance and Innovation for a Sustainable Maritime Supply Chain : Past Research, Main Findings, Current Trends.
Abstract from The Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists. IAME 2018, 2018
Konferenceabstrakt til konference > peer review
Stefan Kirkegaard Sløk-Madsen; Thomas Ritter; Henrik Sornn-Friese / Commercialization in Innovation Management : Defining the Concept and a Research Agenda.
Paper presented at The Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017, 2017
Paper > peer review
Henrik Sornn-Friese / Containerization in Globalization : A Dynamic Capabilities-based Analysis of How Maersk Line Became a Global Company.
Paper presented at European Business Association 21th Annual Congress in Vienna, 2017
Paper > peer review
Henrik Sornn-Friese / Transnationaliseringen af Maersk Line : Fra tredjepartsagenter til egne kontorer i udlandet.
I: Økonomi & Politik, Vol. 90, Nr. 2, 6.2017, s. 46-58
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Torben Pedersen; Henrik Sornn-Friese / A Business Model Innovation by an Incumbent Late Mover : Containerization in Maersk Line.
I: Business Model Innovation: The organizational Dimension. . red. /Nicolai Foss; Tina Saebi. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2015, s. 217-240
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
René Taudal Poulsen; Henrik Sornn-Friese / Achieving Energy Efficient Ship Operations Under Third Party Management : How Do Ship Management Models Influence Energy Efficiency?.
I: Research in Transportation Business & Management, Vol. 17, 12.2015, s. 41-52
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Britta Gammelgaard; Aseem Kinra; Henrik Sornn-Friese / Identifying Maritime Logistics Competences for Sustaining Maritime Economies : The Case of The Danish Maritime Cluster.
Paper presented at SUBA-ALRT 2015 International Conference on Global Integration of Economies and Connectivity Development, 2015
Paper > peer review
Carsten Ørts Hansen; Henrik Sornn-Friese / Seafarer Labor Mobility and the Maritime Skills Base : A Review of the Available Evidence.
Paper presented at The Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists. IAME 2015, 2015
Paper > peer review
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